Are Sober Bars a New Thing?

Are Sober Bars a New Thing?

In sobriety we are told to stay away from temptations, especially in early recovery. We have already changed our “persons, places and things” so going into a club or bar is not something we would think would be a good idea so early on.

For many people who are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts avoid social settings where people are drinking or using for the obvious reasons of temptation.

There are a large number of those in recovery who still want to be social and enjoy the dancing, and social aspects of “night-life”. This is where sober bars are succeeding. Not everyone just wants to go to work then come home and be in bed by 10pm. For that population, sober bars are starting to pop up across the nation offering a sober atmosphere but with all the same aspects of the nightlife. Pool tables, fusion drinks, oxygen bars, music and DJs: all the aspects of a club or bar but without any temptation. These are a safe atmosphere for those in recovery who still want to socialize or go relax after a stressful day.

The best part of sober bars for those in recovery is the fact that everyone else at these bars are likely on the same journey. It has also been a great place for those who are curious about life free of drugs and alcohol without a serious structure of a rehabilitation center or 12-step based meetings.

Many sober bars are also meeting places for NA or AA meetings. So, casually introducing recovery to a population that may have not gone the extra steps to seek out a 12-step group, now it is more easily accessible. We have heard about sober “plazas” for years, offering bookstores, coffee shops, and even fitness centers that are “sober” but if you think about it most of these places are not open to the late night crowd. So, sober bars are really tapping into the late night population of those in recovery and giving them a place for social entertainment. Many believe that this is also the first initial step into being able to eventually go out with family and friends into a bar and having the willpower to say no without hesitation or temptation.

Sober bars are often ran by either treatment centers, non-profits that are recovery based or just normal people who are in recovery or have loved ones in recovery. In Austin, TX there is one bar who recently received a write up, view the whole story here: being a large musically inclined city is a great place for one of these concepts. This allows those recovering to be able to still hear live music and all the social aspects without putting yourself in a tough spot that serves booze. Sometimes exposing yourself to triggers will eventually weaken those triggers as time progresses. This is a general thought to the sober bar concept. Instead of alcohol, healthy drinks that promote the new lifestyle are available. We also spoke about craft “mocktails” and how craft drinks are a huge fad currently in the foodie world.

So many sober bars offer a large list of drink infusions with all non-alcoholic choices. These bars are a great way to enjoy the new life of recovery without missing out on the fun of socializing with friends and continuing to meet new people on the same journey.

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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.