Alcohol Treatment Center South Florida

Choosing the best alcohol treatment center in South Florida can be time-consuming, especially if you do not know what to look for in a rehab facility. The Best Treatment Center is a reputed name for PHP, IOP, and outpatient treatment with proven therapies, integrated treatments, and dedicated clinicians.

What Makes Our Rehab Stand Out From Other Treatment Center In South Florida? 

We are a state-of-the-art rehab facility located in a breathtaking locale, a mile from the beach in Lantana. Our treatment facility offers highly effective and proven IOP, PHP, and outpatient programs.

We accept all major insurance plans in Florida and offer addiction care at affordable prices. We treat a wide range of substance abuse and mental health disorders, making us one of the top rehabs in South Florida.

What To Look For In Top A Rehab Center?

Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab can be confusing, especially when you have several options. Qualities to look for in an addiction recovery center include:

  • Staff – Look for the top rehab centers in South Florida with the best staff team. The clinical staff at a rehab facility plays a critical role in your recovery journey. The more competent the staff, the better the treatment outcome.  
  • Treatments And Therapies Offered – Make sure you join a rehab offering evidence-based and holistic treatments. Recovering addicts can react differently to various treatment programs. Some may benefit more from science-based treatments, while others may respond better to holistic therapies. Joining a rehab that uses both forms of therapy can help you garner the best outcome in recovery.
  • Focus On Root Cause Of Addiction – Depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues are often responsible for triggering addiction. You want to join a rehab that targets your addiction’s triggers and promotes smooth recovery and long-term stability. Ignoring the underlying health issues and triggers will leave patients vulnerable to relapse even after completing the treatment.

More importantly, join a licensed and specialized rehab facility for the best value. Joining a treatment facility with excellent ongoing care programs can help you maintain a sober life in the long term.

Benefits Of IOP Treatment

IOP or intensive outpatient treatment refers to receiving in-depth addiction treatment on an outpatient basis. Some of the benefits of IOP include:

  • It is considerably cheaper than inpatient treatment as you do not have to pay for accommodation, medication, medical detox, etc.
  • IOP substance abuse treatment can provide access to community support, allowing you receive care and support from people battling similar issues as you.
  • IOP programs are more flexible, allowing you to manage work-related responsibilities and familial commitments alongside drug and alcohol addiction treatment.
  • IOP offers a lower level of care after inpatient treatment. It also has the next highest success rate after residential treatment.
  • IOP programs allow you to stay close to home during recovery. You can receive the love and support of your family members and loved ones as you work towards sobriety.

Call 888-670-9424 to verify your insurance with the #1 alcohol treatment center in South Florida. The Best Treatment Center has helped hundreds of recovering addicts get sober and attain improved mental wellness with personalized care and support. Our low staff-to-client ratio allows us to create tailored recovery plans and guide our clients towards their wellness goals on a 1-on-1 basis.

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