Drug Rehab Centers West Palm Beach Fl

Attending our drug rehab centers in West Palm Beach, FL, can help you break free from the clasps of addiction and embark on a liberating journey towards a better and brighter tomorrow. Here are some of the substance abuse disorders we treat at The Best Treatment Center:

  • Alcohol

Individuals with alcoholism often fail to recognize their addiction disorder as it is an embedded part of our culture. However, long-term alcohol abuse can lead to liver disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stomach ulcers. Alcoholism refers to a behavioral situation that makes you crave more alcohol physically and psychologicall and makes it hard to stop drinking despite the negative effects.

As one of the top rehab centers in South Florida for alcoholism, we treat recovering addicts using a combination of medical detox, medication-assisted treatments, counseling, and psychotherapy. We offer the best PHP, IOP, and outpatient programs to help recovering addicts manage substance abuse treatment alongside everyday responsibilities.

  • Marijuana

Also known as pot, dope, and weed, marijuana alleviates stress and pain and offers a calming effect. However, many of those who abuse the drug do it to experience mild hallucinations, happiness, and reduced anxiety. However, marijuana abuse in the long term can lead to distorted perception, memory impairment, weight gain, elevated heart rate, mood swings, etc. Individuals abusing marijuana often suffer from co-occurring mental disorders like PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc.

We treat addiction alongside the co-occurring mental disorder using an integrated and personalized treatment approach. Our clinicians create a customized recovery plan for each patient after a comprehensive physical and mental health exam upon intake. We then use science-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our clients heal from marijuana addiction and co-occurring psychiatric conditions.

  • Painkillers

Patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses often develop an addiction to drugs like codeine, Vicodin, oxycontin, etc. Unfortunately, painkiller addiction can develop from harmless levels of use.

We are a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center specializing in painkiller addiction. We help recovering addicts taper off the drug gradually, ensuring a pain-free recovery. Our psychotherapy programs help recovering addicts prepare mentally and emotionally for a sober lifestyle.

  • Cocaine

Cocaine is cheap and powerful, making it the primary cause of multiple crippling addiction cases and ruined lives. Cocaine poses serious health risks for the user. In worse cases, it can lead to organ failure or overdose. Patients abusing cocaine suffer from constricted blood vessels, unhealthy blood pressure, and damaged nasal cavities.

As a leading drug and alcohol rehab for cocaine abuse, we help our recovering addicts break free from their addiction with our highly effective IOP, PHP, and outpatient programs. Our recovery approach helps clients cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings and helps them re-establish a drug-free life.

Our addiction recovery center also treats heroin, benzodiazepines, stimulants, inhalants, and barbiturates abuse. Call us at 888-670-9424 to join one of the top drug rehab centers in West Palm Beach, FL. The Best Treatment Center is a reputed rehab for IOP, PHP, and outpatient programs with a high success rate. We can equip you for lasting success with sobriety and help you start fresh. Get in touch with us today.

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