Intensive Outpatient Program West Palm Beach

You’ve heard about the benefits of selecting an intensive outpatient program in West Palm Beach and wondered whether you were a good match for IOP. Let TBT answer your questions for you about rehab when you make a call to our treatment center at 888-670-9424. Therapists are here for you 24 hours a day to direct you to the right program and make sure your time in rehab is not wasted time. Top rehab centers in South Florida often recommend IOP to patients whose schedules won’t allow them to commit to a 30-day program under 24/7 supervision. We believe we have the best IOP in S. Florida.

What Is IOP?

IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Programs, make getting help for addiction easier and more convenient. As a program that is most often used as a step-down treatment after completing rehab, IOP is also recommended for patients whose addictions are not severe. Through outpatient recovery, you’ll be able to choose the days of the week that you engage in counseling and therapy and you may also be able to choose how many hours per day that you undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The longer you remain in an IOP, the less often you’ll be required to attend until you eventually transition out of rehab.

Am I A Good Candidate For an IOP Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

On your own, you may not be able to gauge the intensity of recovery service you need or the type of program that will best match your goals. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you may want to consider contacting our outpatient rehab to inquire about our intensive outpatient program in West Palm Beach:

  • Do you have support from friends and family outside of treatment?
  • Are you working or going to school?
  • Can you stay motivated for several months while you learn how to avoid a relapse?
  • Are you willing to learn new skills and become educated about your addiction?
  • Are you seeking a reputable drug and alcohol rehab?
  • Have you completed detox in another addiction recovery center?
  • Is there a history of relapse after completing alcohol or substance abuse treatment?
  • Do family members rely on you to take care of them at home?
  • Is residential rehab out of the question for one reason or another?
  • Has your insurance plan refused to pay for inpatient recovery services?
  • Did you receive a referral to outpatient treatment from a therapist or counselor?
  • Are you worried about going home before you’re ready?

The Best Treatment Center Can Help You Heal

Recovery specialists from our facility are highly focused on your recovery goals, providing custom-tailored treatment to every patient. If you need a way to stay connected to support and resources while you continue to live at home, our outpatient programs can make it possible for you to recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs on your terms. Sometimes standard treatment is not enough; at TBT, we can create an IOP specifically for you.

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