Rehab Centers in South Florida

Millions of people across the United States are living with addiction and substance abuse. This condition is a complex and serious disease, as living with addiction takes a significant toll on your emotional and physical health. To improve your quality of life and make better choices for your overall wellness, it might be best to look into your options for rehab centers in South Florida.

Getting Help At An Addiction Recovery Center

It is important to know that addictions can be treated, but you can never cure them. Once you regain your sobriety with drug and alcohol rehab, you still need to keep working on staying sober for the rest of your life. Comprehensive treatment at one of the best rehab centers in South Florida will address all of the addiction’s psychological, physical, and environmental aspects while helping the patient learn about the effects.

Effective, high-quality substance abuse treatment will use a combination of holistic and evidence-based practices. An important aspect of quality treatment at top rehab centers in South Florida is counseling, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, CBT.

About Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a form of therapy that is very effective while immersed in a treatment setting. The more you know about this therapy approach, the easier it is to understand what you might expect while going through drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

This mental health therapy is used in many treatment programs and various levels of care when someone goes through addiction treatment. CBT helps people identify their thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and other aspects contributing to their destructive behaviors. Overall, CBT is:

  • Helpful when going through substance abuse treatment
  • Goal-oriented
  • Effective in the short-term
  • Good at putting a focus on changing behaviors

Addiction specialists like to use CBT because it is great for a time-limited setting such as you would have during a rehab stay. It is also goal-oriented, so patients have measurable, realistic goals that they can work on. It also helps people to change their behaviors and beliefs that often contribute to substance abuse and addiction. This is true even if the person is only going through a short treatment period.

Why Have CBT?

If you are going through addiction treatment, it is important to look at all possible causes of your addiction. Rather than just treating the physical portion of substance abuse, this treatment dives further to treat you as a whole person. You get the treatment that you need to work on safely overcoming physical addiction and the psychological nurturing needed to identify all underlying triggers or causes of your substance abuse. This helps set you up with the tools you need to live healthier, sober lives.

When searching for rehab centers in South Florida, we want you to know that our team at The Best Treatment Center wants you to regain your life back. If getting sober and moving into a healthier lifestyle is what you seek, call us at (888) 670-9424 to learn more about CBT and our other treatment options.

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