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How is EMDR therapy used for addiction treatment? Addiction is a complex issue that must be approached with a multi-dimensional solution, so you have comprehensive healing. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing was introduced in 1989 and has helped overcome many mental and emotional conditions due to addiction or other complications.

How EMDR Therapy Helps Recovery From Trauma

EMDR is not all about moving your eyes back and forth – this is a small section of the treatment. Majorly, EMDR is about helping you bring the worst memories to the forefront, so you can retell them and process them better to avoid reliving them constantly.

The eye movements help your mind to feel comfortable so you can bring all of the memories to the cortex and get rid of what no longer serves you.

The activity alone will not help to forget the trauma or reduce depression, but it will allow you to look at things like an outsider with a third eye view. A rerun of these events will help you develop better-coping skills to form new solutions in place of the constant anxiety.

How Effective Is EMDR?

The therapy is helpful in many different settings, including for people who get traumatized for other reasons besides drug addiction. Anyone battling any trauma will benefit from being able to process their emotions and developing healthier ways of recalling trauma.

Benefits Of EMDR For Drug Addiction Treatment In A Rehab in South Florida 

Many specialists state that EMDR is only effective when administered by experienced professionals. Top rehab centers in South Florida use it to treat co-occurring issues for patients with more than 33 addictions and have witnessed a complete turnaround in how they look at the past and themselves.

Memories include how they lost control of themselves to drugs, childhood memories that shaped their mind, and how they react to things and people as adults. We work with you until the intensities are lowered to tolerable levels, and you now have a chance to react with more strength and better insight.

How EMDR Is Better Than Other Therapies

  • Resolves PTSD – Several studies show that EMDR can reduce severe intrusive memories, change avoidance behavior and help form a new self-identity, so you have an entirely new way of fighting old demons.
  • Solve anxiety-related problems – EMDR helps to ease panic attacks
  • A steady practice of EMDR will reduce alcohol and drug cravings because you are in better control of your mind
  • EMDR reduces physical pain, including acute and chronic pain in different areas of your body

What Do You Need To Know About Using EMDR For Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Are you interested in trying EMDR? Expect to attend sessions of at least half an hour-long under the supervision of a skilled therapist. Our addiction recovery center will recommend a treatment that suits your diagnosis and takes you through all the steps to overcome the trauma. Contact our drug and alcohol rehab to get started with consultation on substance abuse treatment services.

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