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Whenever you become addicted to prescription medicine, it can be difficult to determine if you need to enter into rehab in South Florida West Palm Beach. Anyone with an addiction deserves to get care and support at the right addiction recovery center. If you or a loved one is dealing with the struggle of an Ambien addiction, there is help available for you at The Best Treatment Center.

Substance Abuse Treatment For Ambien

The ability to quit Ambien (Zolpidem) involves treating the drug’s psychological and physical hold over the user. Ambien withdrawals can be complicated, so the first step should be getting into a drug and alcohol rehab that involves medical detox.

Note: A medical professional at rehab in South Florida West Palm Beach will usually craft a tapering-down schedule that helps the addict to withdraw slowly, thus minimizing any negative symptoms or side effects.

Once a patient goes through detox from Ambien addiction at one of the top rehab centers in South Florida, the next steps will involve either long-term outpatient care or inpatient rehabilitation. This drug and alcohol treatment should involve support groups, counseling, and networking with peers and staff to create a tailored plan for a solid recovery process.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

When going the inpatient route for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, the plan is centered on a strict routine for restoring balance to the life of the addict. Rehab helps to create a healing environment that makes it easier to stop using and work on healing and a healthier lifestyle. Many Ambien addicts will relapse during the initial days of withdrawal because they develop severe insomnia.

Inpatient rehab will usually include medical detox for part of the program. The right program makes a difference in preventing possibly dangerous withdrawals from Ambien and other substances. Not only does it ease discomfort, but medical detox helps bridge the gap as the patient transitions into sobriety to work on the next phases of therapy.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Some patients opt for outpatient treatment and relapse prevention when getting help for Ambien. This is often a good option for someone with mild or moderate addiction. The right outpatient clinic will help patients to taper doses and offer structured counseling. Outpatient therapy allows patients to receive the treatment they need while attending to outside obligations like work, school, and family.

Some of the signs that Ambien addiction is developing include:

  • Taking Ambien without a prescription
  • Taking more than the required dosage
  • Mixing the drug with alcohol

It is important for yourself or a loved one to notice the signs of Ambien addiction and to look for help as soon as possible. This drug can be highly addictive and lead to cravings, over-refilling, taking increased doses, and isolation. If you or someone you care about is showing signs of Ambien addiction, we are here to help at The Best Treatment Center.

We have the staffing, latest treatment modalities, and a beautiful facility to help you navigate addiction and recovery. At our drug rehab in South Florida, West Palm Beach, we have you covered. Call The Best Treatment Center today to get help before it is too late at (888) 670-9424.

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