South Florida Drug Rehab Centers

There’s a lot at stake when choosing from South Florida drug rehab centers. If you need professional recovery services for an addiction to drugs, The Best Treatment can help you make the right decision for your future. Our 24-hour helpline is designed as your first contact with our staff- take full advantage of our free resources and get in touch with us today. Recovery experts from TBT are here for you day and night to get you the help you need when addiction is taking over your life. Your phone call is entirely private, so you can call with no concern about discretion.

8 Top Tips For Choosing A Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

1. Make a short list of top rehab centers in South Florida you would consider for addiction treatment, then call each one to speak with a counselor or intake specialist. Discuss your recovery needs with more than one rehab before choosing one for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

2. Select a drug and alcohol rehab that offers a wide selection of recovery services, programs, and therapies; you’ll be more likely to stay in rehab when your time is filled with enjoyable activities between counseling sessions.

3. Don’t choose an addiction recovery center based on the recommendation of a friend; rather, perform due diligence by reading through as many reviews and testimonials as time allows. Add The Best Treatment to your list of South Florida drug rehab centers to consider for treatment.

4. Make sure substance abuse treatment is tempered with comfort amenities and leisurely activities so you have time to focus on getting well mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We take a holistic approach to wellness at TBT.

5. Request an insurance benefits check before choosing a rehab. Knowing how much you’ll pay out of pocket will make it easier for you to select the right treatment center.

6. If you’ve been addicted for a long time or have a severe addiction, consider rehab with an extended program that will give you the time you need to heal completely from addiction. When you’re ready to step down to an IOP or PHP, The Best Treatment has the perfect program for you.

7. Insist on comfort during rehab- and don’t rule out luxury amenities. At this point on your journey, you deserve to indulge in creature comforts while you perform the hard work in rehab.

8. Find a recovery center that can offer a smooth transition from one program to the next if you need more than one type of recovery service. Our IOP and PHP programs at The Best Treatment often serve as stepping stones while patients transition out of treatment.

You’re in the best hands at TBT; feel free to get in touch with us today by calling 888-670-9424. Alternatively, spend time on our website exploring free resources, including articles that explain the signs of addiction, caretaker resources, our drug dictionary, and much more. When you’re ready, inquire about placement into one of our outpatient programs.

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