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Realizing that you need help with substance abuse is a huge step, and that alone should reassure you that you are on the right path. The next step is to find a drug rehab facility that will be a perfect fit, with all the right tools to help meet your challenges.

Take a breath and understand that deciding to join rehab is an irreversible decision, and you do not have time to change directions once you begin. Do not take lightly the decision to find the best rehab because the treatment and experience you get will play a significant role in your life after rehab. Ask the addiction recovery center as many questions as possible when choosing the rehab so you can clear your doubts and ideally have a more effective treatment.

Questions To Ask Before Completing Your Admission To a South Florida rehab

How Often Will I Get Counseling?

Individual counseling is an important treatment method, and you should not take lightly the amount of time you can get with a dedicated counselor or therapist. Ideally, one session is enough for 1-on-1 sessions. Also, ask about the frequency of family counseling sessions, and find out how they structure the sessions, so you know what to expect.

How Many Patients Do You Have For Each Session?

Top rehab centers in South Florida with little or no patients are probably not doing something right. You do not want to get into an underbooked or overbooked facility because neither of them is equipped to offer appropriate treatment services.

Which Treatment Services Are Available?

How many are drug and alcohol addiction treatment options available in the facility? Rehab facilities with several treatment programs facilitate better healing by targeting everything in one’s being. Does the program follow a science-based treatment? Do they have entertainment options to keep you occupied when you are not in therapy sessions? Combining treatments is better because it allows your mind and body to recover simultaneously and fills your subconscious with new thoughts to influence a much better future.

Do You Personalize The Treatment?

You may think that all rehab programs will take into account your personal history and addiction complications before getting you enrolled. Most will group people with the same problems and not hold personal sessions to look at your deep-seated stress and how it affects addiction.

We offer personalized treatment on different levels and prefer to plan each session per your diagnosis. We want to know whether you have a history of drug addiction, how often you have attended rehab in the past, and whether you have medical complications that will affect your recovery.

What Are My Payment Options?

High-end rehab facilities will have more than one payment method, so be sure to ask about them before you start. We accept several insurance payments and can offer you a detailed breakdown of the values for any special considerations.

Our drug and alcohol rehab has a highly personalized admission process, and the best way to assist you is to arrange a consultation before you get started.

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