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Synthetic cannabinoids, or K2, are paraded as herbal incense and sold through legal stores. Spice and K2 were introduced in the early 2000s and labeled as unsafe products for human consumption, a cryptic phrase for their actual name. The drug attracts many young consumers, and its effects are more devastating than marijuana and common pharmaceutical drugs.

What Are The Effects Of K2?

The side effects of K2 are diverse and include the following:

  • Agitation
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • High blood pressure
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Paranoia

It is challenging to detect K2 with regular drug tests, and examiners will have difficulty knowing how much of it exists in your body. However, our top rehab centers in South Florida still have enough training to know what kind of treatment you need, so it is better to seek help when you feel the persistent urge to keep up the habit or increase the dosage.

K2 Treatment Options

Generally, treatment programs offer a combination of strategies, and there is a lot of research to support the effectiveness of each one. A drug and alcohol rehab will tailor the treatments to include solutions that will be the most effective for your body to ease discomfort much faster.

Common K2 Treatment Approaches

Medical Detox

Medically assisted detox is unlikely to solve all of your physical complications, but it is enough to give you a clean slate, so your body readjusts a lot faster, and there is less risk for relapse. You must go through professional detox to reduce the chances of severe withdrawals and help with promoting a unique recovery plan to assist with long-term wellness.

Inpatient Or Partial Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

PHP is an option for people who have a bit of control over their body and will do well with receiving partial care in rehab, in conjunction with going back home. These programs give access to the best medical treatment programs while allowing you the freedom to live still, go to school, keep a job and run a whole social life. Use the lessons you receive to restructure your life so there is no possibility of relapse even after you leave the program, and you will be unstoppable in your quest for long-term sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis determines whether you have other mental and emotional complications that need professional attention. Drug addiction will always have co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, mood swings, and psychotic disorders, which intensity after you start taking the drug.

Life in therapy and counseling at an addiction recovery center will help solve many of these things and give you some mental fortitude to protect against an urge to take drugs. We have several inpatient therapy programs to help with your recovery before you leave and aftercare programs to maintain your sober living long after you stop all the outpatient programs.

Our West Palm Beach rehab center offers several treatment plans, and we will be glad to take in your calls and messages for consultation. Contact us online or call for fast feedback on the K2 substance abuse treatment.

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