West Palm Beach Rehab Centers

Joining one of the leading west palm beach rehab centers can be a life-reforming experience and help you start fresh. The Best Treatment Center has won several awards and accolades for its unique treatment approach and low relapse rates. We are one of the top-rated dual diagnosis treatment facilities in South Florida.

Treatment Approach At Our Rehab Facility 

We are an outpatient addiction recovery center with evidence-based and holistic therapies. Here are some of the treatments we use to address and treat substance abuse:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy addresses problematic thoughts and feelings in individuals, helping them attain holistic recovery from addiction. It also allows patients to find meaningful connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions, increasing their awareness of how specific things impact recovery.
  • Creative Arts Therapy – Art, music, dance, drama, and poetry fall under creative arts therapy. We use these self-expression therapies to help recovering addicts break free from their behavioral disorders and attain improved psychiatric wellness.
  • EMDR therapy – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is interactive psychotherapy that helps relieve psychological stress. Traumatic and painful memories can often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder when you do not process or heal from them completely. EMDR reduces trauma symptoms by changing the memory gets stored in your brain.

We also use family and group therapy programs to help our clients overcome their behavioral and mental health disorders and embrace a healthier lifestyle. We also help our recovering addicts develop improved mental peace and emotional stability by engaging them in regular mindfulness meditation and yoga therapy sessions.

Can I Benefit From Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient treatment can be as effective as any other recovery program, provided you trust the process. Outpatient programs are ideal for those experiencing mild-to-moderate addiction disorder. It can help you address your addiction’s underlying causes, prepares physically and mentally for sobriety, and allows you to develop essential coping mechanisms to manage triggers and cravings.

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab allows you to stay at home during recovery, helping you heal and recover under the guidance of your family members and loved ones. You may also keep your addiction treatment discreet as you do not have to take time off at work.

How Do I Pay For Addiction Treatment?

So long as you are willing to seek professional help, there are several options you can use to meet the treatment cost. For starters, most people pay for substance abuse treatment with private insurance. In case you lack a private insurance, you can use ACA-sponsored plans to pay for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Alternatively, you can pay for treatment using Medicare or Medicaid. However, you need to check your eligibility for these programs. Alternatively, you can secure private financing from a third-party lender. You may also look for top rehab centers in South Florida that offer scholarships for deserving patients. If nothing works, you can withdraw some money from an IRA or a 401 (k) plan to cover your treatment program.

Seek help from one of the west palm beach rehab centers before it is too late. Call us at 888-670-9424 to verify your insurance with the leading rehab facility in South Florida, The Best Treatment Center. We use proven and innovative therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, creative arts therapy, EMDR therapy, etc., and help recovering addicts garner the best treatment outcome.

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