Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning at The Best Treatment Center

We prepare each client who completes treatment at The Best Treatment with an organized treatment plan to prepare them for life back out in society. Our Discharge planning is an organized care plan that allows our clients to have all the tools needed in order to be successful in their new journey of living life clean and sober. We understand that treatment and recovery do not end when a client leaves our program, but understand recovery is a lifelong commitment. When the real recovery starts is actually when a client is out on their own again, integrated back into society, this is when everything they’ve learned in therapy is truly put to the test. Main concepts we teach our clients in treatment are skills such as self-monitoring, relapse prevention, and how to regulate their emotions. We want to give each and every client the tools needed to continue their life, living happy, healthy and sober.

At The Best Treatment Center, we take pride in offering customized treatment plans for every individual. One of the most important aspects in every client program is discharge planning. Some of the most successful aftercare treatment modalities include transitional housing, outpatient addiction and mental health treatment, recovery coaching, medication management and 12 step and other support group meetings.

Sober Living

At The Best Treatment Center, we encourage each of our clients to transition from treatment into a sober living facility before returning home. The added accountability provided in a sober living arrangement is essential for life in early recovery. Sober living is crucial in helping clients slowly ease back into home, school and work life. Having 24/7 staff ensures the client is safe and supported during the transitional time period. With support on site day and night, clients are monitored, drug tested, given curfews, emotional support, and coached. The individuals living in a sober living environment will have various support groups and 12 step meetings. Clients are required to be socially involved in employment, volunteering or education, we encourage a productive life right out of treatment so they’re kept busy and away from anything harmful.

Recovery Support Groups & 12-Step Meetings

Recovery support groups and 12-step meetings are a great way for those in early recovery to meet new people, gain new sober friends, develop a strong sober support system, and learn more practices to improve their recovery. These types of groups are going to provide individuals the motivation to see how lifelong recovery is possible. There are many types of sober support groups nationally, it breaks down to the substance of addiction and also with different mental health issues. Common groups are AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), Al-Anon which is for families or loved ones, Smart Recovery, the Bipolar and Depression Support Alliance, and so many more. Before leaving treatment the client’s primary therapist will often encourage clients to integrate with a support group and encourage them on the most appropriate path.

Mental Health and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At The Best Treatment Center, our lowest level of client care is our outpatient treatment program. We think it is extremely important in recovery to transition all the way through all the levels of care so each client has the tools needed for the different stages of their early recovery. It has been proven to be the most successful immediately following a 60-90 day stay at a residential treatment center. Outpatient treatment is a wonderful tool for clients to have because they are either living at home again, or in a transitional living environment. The individual is most likely slowly integrating back into society and the weekly therapy sessions are beneficial when it comes to dealing with the pressures of life. The Best Treatment’ outpatient treatment programs allow clients to commute to treatment, and allows them to still recieve care while completing normal daily tasks and getting back into a good routine.

Sponsors and Recovery Coaches

When discussing a sponsor or recovery coach, it is important to understand that these individuals are also in recovery themselves. Their goal is to help people new to the recovery process understand life after treatment. By already being in recovery, sponsors or coaches are a great friend to turn to with any questions or choices they may be faced with. They are also great for holding the newcomer accountable with their recovery process because they have already been in their shoes. Usually 12-step meetings or support groups would be a great time to spend with an individual’s sponsor/recovery coach, they would have interaction with others in recovery and it is a great time to catch up on a weekly basis. Sponsors act as a mentor to their sponsee, and it is great for the sponsor’s recovery process as well. In most 12-step based meetings it is an encouragement to help other recovering addicts, it is a large part of the aftercare process for continued sobriety. At The Best Treatment Center, we encourage all of our clients to gain sponsorship before leaving our care, we want our clients set up to have the best possible outcome in their new life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their discharge plan or transition back into society, give us a call.

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