Hep C Treatment In Rehab

Hepatitis C Treatment While Recovering from Opioid Addiction.

If you are familiar with the recovery industry, or deal with intravenous drug users you are probably quite aware that Hepatitis C affects quite a number of recovering addicts. When an individual goes into a quality addiction treatment program, all aspects of the individual’s life that are unmanageable are addressed. Healing the mind, body, and spirit are a top priority for most addiction treatment programs. Many drug rehab facilities have options for client’s who test positive for Hep C. The only issue is sometimes the programs that are offered have extremely long waiting lists, and by the time the client sees the doctor for the Hep C, they have already completed treatment and there is no follow up to make sure the client is actually receiving the Hep C treatment.

What is Hep C?

Hep C

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver. Approximately 3.5 million people are living with Hep C in the United States. Drug abuse and addiction are associated with high rates of contracting hepatitis C, this life-threatening disease that can eventually turn deadly. If Hepatitis C is Left untreated, it can lead to cirrhosis, a progressive deterioration and malfunction of the liver. It can also lead to a type of liver cancer called hepatocellular carcinoma.

Hepatitis C Treatment in Drug Rehab

In most drug treatment programs’ intake process, the client is tested for a number of things, typically a Hepatitis C test is administered. This is important for the staff and client to be aware of the disease because Hep C is easily transmitted. The virus lives on surfaces for up to 3 weeks, this abnormally long life outside of the body is one of the main causes behind the spread of the disease.

New treatment programs for Hep C can be administered and the patient can be completely cured in just a few months time. It is important that anyone who has been in contact with someone who is an intravenous drug user receives a Hepatitis C test because the contraction rate is extremely high. The symptoms are not always visible and many live with the disease for years without knowing it. The disease leads to complications that could result in death if not properly treated.

Even for those who do not have private insurance, there are a number of programs offered for low income or non insured patients. There are also support groups that can direct you to additional help if needed. In Palm Beach County, FL the support groups are important because the Hep C percentages in this area for intravenous drug users is significantly higher than those in most of the country. We have a large community of recovery in South Florida, many of those who are currently clean have previously contracted Hep C and spread the disease without knowing.

Reach Out for Hepatitis C Treatment Options

The best way to receive treatment for Hep C for yourself or a loved one is to discover the options that are available. For those who have insurance, your local doctor should be able to test and provide you with treatment options if you have been infected. We offer treatment through our rehabilitation program from a local nonprofit to make sure our clients are getting the treatment care needed for the disease.

If you do not have insurance look into your city’s local non-profits and state programs for options that are available. There are a number of companies out there who provide training and treatment options for those who have been previously diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.