Replacing Drugs and Alcohol with Adrenaline

Replacing Drugs and Alcohol with Adrenaline

Adrenaline is created in our own bodies naturally, it is sort of a key component in a “fight or flight” situation. Our bodies are amazing functioning machines, so awesome we can make our own chemical reactions within our brains without the use of any substance by doing a physical activity or action that will produce adrenaline.

Find Your Own Natural High

As previously mentioned it goes with a “fight or flight” situation, then boom- adrenaline is released by the brain into our bodies. Instant release will happen when we are in a thrilling, dangerous (or could be dangerous) scary, or nerve racking situation. It sends us into a sort of protection mode which makes our blood pressure increase, heart race, and pupils dilate. There are also many cases where people will experience extreme strength and much faster reflexes. Not only does this happen with people, but it also happens with animals as well.

Getting that Good Adrenaline High

Adrenaline can be a great natural high for many people who are recovering from drugs and alcohol. It is a natural feeling that just feels good. When we are under the influence of adrenaline, we may feel satisfied, powerful, or high. We naturally want the good feelings so there are a number of activities that we can do to achieve this, many people test their body to the limit when it comes to extreme sports, skydiving, roller coasters, skateboarding, skiing, racing- these are just a few of those extreme situations where the thrill can easily release adrenaline and you will feel that amazing surge of energy without the use of any drugs or alcohol.

Replacing drugs and alcohol with a thrill is a much healthier way to live rather than trapped in the grips of addiction, adrenaline junkies crave the high that is caused by doing something thrilling and adventurous. Can you even imagine jumping out of a plane? What an insane feeling that would be. Probably crazier than drugs or alcohol could ever make us feel.

Keep in mind, nothing should ever be taking one addiction and trading it for another, but a natural high will be more amazing than any drug you have ever done. Just be mindful on the over-focus that comes in the mind of an addict. In all aspects of life, moderation is better than going to extremes, and a balance needs to be kept between all the different aspects of our lives. So no skipping work to go surfing!

Planning days with friends who enjoy similar adrenaline causing adventures will be a great way to meet more people who are like-minded. Also, these activities are super risky and almost dangerous so chances are most “normal” people participating are not going to want to be using drugs and alcohol. Many of these activities also acquire a small amount of physical activity, all physical activity is going to make yourself a healthier version of yourself.

Be Mindful of Addictive Behaviors when Dealing with Adrenaline

Like anything, too much can be damaging and you never want to swap one addiction for another, but in moderation adrenaline can be a great feeling for those who want to experience natural ways to have some thrilling experiences. Adrenaline can fuel people to accomplish more than they otherwise would. For example, many adrenaline-addicted people get a constant hit of adrenaline by always hurrying, cramming in as much activity as possible and even in normal daily tasks such as driving are constantly speeding for a thrill.

At The Best Treatment Center we take our clients on many adventure type of outings to encourage our clients and allow them to see that there are many “fun”, “cool”, and “awesome” things to do without using drugs and alcohol.

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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.