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Does Your United Medical Resources Insurance Policy Cover Rehab?

United Medical Resources (UMR) Rehab Coverage

United Healthcare is one of our nation’s top providers for health insurance options. UHC is available for both employers and individuals. Not only does United offer the typical health insurance plans as expected, but they also have dental and vision available. Specifically when it comes to addiction treatment programs, United Healthcare has a variety of services through United Behavioral Health. Their Behavioral Health includes mental health and substance abuse options. UMR is a branch of United Healthcare.

While UMR is not an insurance agency itself, it is a branch of United Healthcare. With UMR, You’re Likely Covered for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment. For Most UMR plans there are great behavioral health benefits. The best plans for those who are struggling with addiction are the ones that include multiple types of services and various levels of client care in the field of addiction treatment.

There are many options available to the patient when it comes to covering the cost of addiction treatment. In some cases, addiction treatment can be fully covered by the UMR, United Healthcare Plan.

As a UMR member, The Levels of Care that should be covered in treatment:

Medical detoxification centers

Inpatient or residential treatment

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)

Outpatient programs (also called “day/night treatment”)

As a UMR member, not only should the above information be available online through your patient portal on the website, but you can also find other information for approved health care providers, you can locate medical and dental claim forms, and access helpful tools and resources that can help you in the decision of choosing a quality addiction treatment program.

United Healthcare Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

UMR and Mental Health Coverage & Benefits

UMR does provide a range of treatment and benefit options for policyholders who need mental health. United Healthcare has a team of professionals who are available anytime to answer member questions about anything related to mental health and substance abuse.

Their mental health customer service team can also provide members with names of participating facilities and doctors near them, help monitor progress to ensure they’re receiving the best care, and assist in managing any problems that may arise with treatment.

Is Mental Health Covered by United Medical Resources Insurance?

Since the Affordable Care Act, United Healthcare and UMR has expanded their services to many state’s exchange programs and the marketplace. It has since left some state exchanges, but still offers all of the mental health coverage that is needed by the law.

Because of this act, UMR offers all comparable medical services pricing to anything that deals with addiction issues. Examples of the services include copay requirements. Also according to law, insurance providers including United Healthcare, are required to cover mental and behavioral health services in the same way they cover medical services.

United Healthcare Behavioral Health with UMR

UMR Health offers health benefits to help patients deal with everything from a minimal problem to severe challenges when it comes to mental, behavioral, and addiction health. A wide variety of specific services are covered if they’re declared medically necessary.

As an insurance provider, UMR has a relatively extensive network of care providers ranging from counselors, therapists to psychiatrists and psychologists. Some of the behavioral health issues for which United Medical Resources may cover in addiction treatment include:

Substance Abuse and Recovery

Issues Surrounding Domestic Violence

Eating Disorder

Anxiety and Depression

Stress Related to Parenting, Family, and Eldercare, as well as Relationships

One thing to remember is that UMR is not an insurance provider, so this company will not directly cover the expenses related to your health care. However, you may be able to get coverage through your insurance policy. UMR can work with you, helping to negotiate coverage for mental health services. They can work with customers and insurance companies to get the best coverage for individuals who are in need of treatment.

Here at The Best Treatment Center can certainly help you to gain a deeper understanding of your policy and work with you to fit all your needs when it comes to addiction treatment. We will personally speak with the insurance provider so we can guarantee to get you the best options available.

The Steps We Take with Insurance Providers:

We perform a complimentary and thorough review of your health insurance benefits.

We find out what rehab services you have coverage for, and then determine the extent of your treatment coverage. We can also help you determine out of pocket costs.

We will provide you a list of detoxification, PHP, and Outpatient Centers that will be appropriate for your individualized treatment program.

Last, we will get you on the phone with someone from the initial addiction treatment center of your choice and get you the help you need ASAP.

Why is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Coverage Important?

In the United States, over 23 million people currently suffer from addiction. Addiction is categorized as a chronic disease. It affects the brain just like many other mental health disorders. After prolonged drug or alcohol use the brain is rewired in a way that changes the reward center within the brain processes responses. Addiction also creates a dependence not only physically but also psychologically.

We as Americans are in the middle of a huge drug crisis when it comes to heroin, opiates, and opioid addictions. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that $700 billion per year is spent on addiction. Addiction is impacting every level of our society, within families, extra costs for emergency responders, businesses suffer- all levels. Everyone you talk to knows an addict.

The sad statistic according to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) of the 23.5 million Americans who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, only 11 percent actually are getting the help they need. A huge factor in this sad statistic is partially due to the cost associated with a proper rehabilitation treatment program, because of this, many suffering are unable to get the help they need.

Rehabilitation with UMR

United Medical Resources health insurance may cover the following levels of care for addiction treatment:


Inpatient also known as Residential Rehabilitation

Partial Hospital Treatment (PHP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Each and every individual suffering from addiction, coverage is determined on an individual basis by UMR. They will tell the facility how many days each client is permitted to receive treatment, and what levels of care are included in their coverage plan. Many UMR patients receive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse for little or no cost to them. Check your specific plan, or contact a UMR representative today to confirm your level of coverage, for out-of-network providers.

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