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Admissions at The Best Treatment Center

Get in touch: The first initial step to recover from any drug or alcohol addiction is picking up the phone and making the initial phone call. Call now and speak with an Admissions Specialist from The Best Treatment Center: 888-482-8669.

During the initial phone call you will speak with an admissions specialist, many of our staff members have been in your shoes before and are understanding of the situation. We meet all of our guests right where they are on their journey to recovery so there is never a need to feel shame. We will then gather the necessary information for your personal intake assessment.

What You Need to Know About Admission to Rehab

When considering treating for drug or alcohol addiction, you may experience many thoughts and feelings, and you may be researching different rehab facilities for treatment. In order to begin treatment, you must first get admitted to a facility. Many individuals have plenty of questions concerning admission to rehab, such as how to do it and what are acceptable financing methods, which are answered below.

The First Step in the Intake Assessment

Our intake assessment was created to help our clinical team determine your eligibility, most appropriate level of care, and individual needs.

The assessment will include the following questions:

Drug or alcohol abuse and history

The types of drugs abused

The length of time drugs were used

The patient’s treatment history

Any mental or emotional health history or current concerns

Employment status and background

Family life

Legal issues

Any medical issues

Family history of mental, emotional, and substance abuse health

If there has been an eating disorder in the past or current

History of trauma or abuse

History of psychiatric care and background

List of any current medications

After the questions, we then will gather all the information and customize a treatment program specifically for your individual needs. Every guest has a specialized program just for them.

All treatment is individualized

We will introduce you to the facility, housing and staff

Now you’ll have the opportunity to recover from addiction in a relaxing atmosphere

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How Does the Insurance for Treatment Work?

It is important that recovery is available to anyone who is suffering from the grips of addiction. By calling our admissions specialist we can work directly with someone from your insurance company to determine what type of eligibility you have and what are the best options for your addiction treatment.

We accept a number of major health insurance plans and this helps cover the cost of alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment. There are many ways to on your own to determine your benefits for treatment. You can view coverage online or check with your health insurance carrier for final determination regarding specific covered services. Typically the cost for all detoxification medications are covered by insurance but not every single time.

Methods of Drug Use

We also discuss with all potential guests what options are available concerning financial plans, self-pay options, budgets and discover what credit cards and checks are accepted. The other questions that are likely to be addressed are:

What is the average cost of addiction treatment?

Are there scholarship options available?

What will my deductible be?

What if treatment is not affordable?

Will credit score be impacted?

What type of insurance is in-network or out-of-network?

What are the levels of care are needed

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Confirming Travel Arrangements

After all the above information is determined and treatment plan is put into place, the next step is to make the necessary travel arrangements to start their recovery journey. We will determine with you what the mode of transportation will be. When guests fly in, we will have a friendly concierge waiting upon arrival.

By this time it is important that guests should take the time to tie up any loose ends in their current life. It is important that if they’re employed to let the employer know of their plans for treatment. Other situations to tend to before entering into a treatment program would be to arrange child or pet care, and deal with financial issues so entering rehab is as stress free as possible.

The Time to Transform Your Life is Today

The admissions process is stress-free and because you will be speaking with experienced addiction counselor. We will make the process as easy as possible and answer any and all questions you may have. Help is a phone call away. Call now.

Call now and speak with an Admissions Specialist from The Best Treatment Center:

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