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Ambien is a sleep aid prescription medication. The active ingredient in Ambien is zolpidem, it is a part of the sedative-hypnotics drug category. Many of those who suffer from insomnia take this prescription medication in order to fall asleep at night, those on this medication take it to avoid any tiredness the next day and it is used to regulate sleeping patterns.

Individuals who regularly rely on Ambien to help them get a good night’s sleep eventually can become dependant on the drug. Individuals also build up a tolerance to the drug and may require a higher dosage in order to achieve the same sleepiness effects. Increasing the amount of the prescription sleep medication can cause many people to become addicted to Ambien, there is also other associated effects of the drug and a main appeal being the “relaxed state”.

If you or someone you know is regularly taking Ambien, whether it be to fall asleep or achieve the high, addiction is very possible and can be dangerous.

Ambien Breakdown

Ambien is a prescription sleep-aid. It is a common sleep medication prescribed by physicians for those who struggle to fall asleep or have insomnia. There are still many individuals who do not exactly know how Ambien works in the body.

Ambien directly interacts with the brain and causes a calming effect on the entire body. Under the influence of Ambien you are not supposed to operate a car or any other machinery because it impairs motor reactions. There is also a drowsy feeling that Ambien users may feel the next day after dosage, so this can be dangerous to the average individual if not precautious.

The common illness insomnia, is when people have trouble sleeping and falling asleep at night. It is a common struggle for many individuals who struggle with not only mental health issues but also substance abuse and addiction. This drug also taken regularly can develop into an addiction and be abused for the mood altering effects.

Ambien is a part of the sedative-hypnotics drug class, commonly referred to as antidepressants, so it is not a narcotic drug. Other well-known drugs that fall within this classification include:







Another substance common to Americans is alcohol that produces those same drowsy effects similar to the feeling from Ambien.

Ambien Variations

Ambien always comes in capsule or tablet form. The size of the capsules vary depending on dosage. There are other similar prescriptions that have some of the same ingredients as Ambien that come in a liquid form, but all brand name Ambien is only sold as capsules or tablets.

The tablets are pink or peach colored and start as the lowest dose of 5 milligrams to highest of 10 milligrams for the instant release versions. There are also extended release Ambien, these strengths are 6.25 and then 12.5 milligrams. The extended release version of Ambien is for those who have trouble staying asleep once they initially dose off, these tablets are blue and circular.

For any prescription drug, there should never be sharing with loved ones or friends if they are not prescribed themselves. Children especially should never take this drug. There are many dangerous side effects that result as misuse of this drug, and that includes addiction or even overdose.

Some of the most common ways people misuse Ambien include:

Increasing dosage without a doctor’s recommendation

Taking the drug longer than a prescription allows

Taking the drug without a prescription

Taking the drug after recently consuming alcohol

Mixing the drug with other prescription drugs that could have dangerous side effects together
Knowing what the drug looks like and how to take it can help people stay safe and avoid a Ambien addiction.

Is Ambien Addictive

The answer will always be yes when people ask whether Ambien is addictive. Ambien is addictive and can be an addictive drug for people. Look out for these common signs of Ambien dependency.

Cravings for the medication

Refilling prescriptions too often

Taking larger doses than what has been prescribed

Spending large amounts of money to obtain the drug


Engaging in risky experiences without remembering them later

The addiction for many individuals happens when they are prescribed Ambien for short-term insomnia. Many people feel safe to take the drug regardless of dosage instructions since the purpose of the prescription sleep medication is to treat sleep problems. Just because Ambien is a prescription sleep medication does not mean people should not take with extreme caution when it comes to the addictive tendencies of Ambien. Many people think they are only able to become addiction to narcotic street drugs, but this is very untrue.

Ambien becomes less effective after a few weeks for some individuals and by that point the user is unable to stop taking the drug. In some cases, insomnia becomes worse for those when there is a decrease in dosage of Ambien or stops suddenly.

Compared to other benzodiazepine sedative, Ambien does have a smaller potential for overdose, the only thing that is hard to detect about an Ambien overdose is that is looks so similar to what the general symptoms are that come from using the sleep medication in the first place. Ambien can slow a person’s breathing to the point of a fatal injury and heart rate to the point of failure. Slow breathing and heart rate is also an indication that the individual may be in serious trouble and in need of medical attention ASAP.

Ambien withdrawal symptoms are severe, so if you or someone you know is addiction to Ambien there are important steps that must be taken in order to curb the dependence under proper care of a medical doctor.

Ambien addiction can also co-occur with other disorders, such as alcohol abuse and other mental health issues. There are several different symptoms and signs that can happen due to Ambien abuse, including:

Memory loss






Slowed heartbeat or breathing

Coordination problems

Uncontrollable shaking

Altered reasoning or judgement

Serious and potentially life threatening overdose symptoms of Ambien include:

Blurry vision

Small pupils


Slowed or stopped breathing



Blue lips or fingers


If you or someone you know experience these side effects due to an Ambien addiction, it is critical to get medical attention as soon as possible. At The Best Treatment Center we provide the help needed to overcome addiction to Ambien.

The Best Treatment Center for Ambien Addiction Recovery

At The Best Treatment Center, we know what it takes to heal from any prescription medication addiction. We offer a serene, safe, encouraging and comfortable place to receive treatment for any addiction issues. We give our guests the hope to successfully complete treatment but also reintegrate with society in order to be a successful contributing member. We enjoy providing the tools needed to treat the core of their addiction issues so they no longer have the need to numb their feelings or emotional pain.

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