Union Members Insurance for Rehab

Union members insurance for rehab

Does My Union Insurance Cover Rehab?

Over 11% of American workers are a union member according to the most recent US Census. For union members, the insurance that comes with their employment packages. There are many questions when it comes down to union insurance plans and if they will cover substance abuse and addiction treatment.

There are so many additional questions when it comes to coverage including out of state options and the initial process of seeking treatment, so we have compiled research and education that union members should keep in mind when it comes to seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Dealing with Admitting Addiction to Employer

How Much Does Union Insurance Cover

Will I Have a Job After Treatment Completion

Levels of Care and Location of Treatment

At The Best Treatment Center, we want to explore all of the issues above so that any potential guests who are union members are informed about their options. For free insurance verification call us now: 888-670-9424.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab is Needed

When life becomes unmanageable because of drug and alcohol abuse, the first step is admitting to yourself or loved ones that there is a problem. When seeking care for an addiction, there should be no shame in this process. Addiction is a disease, and just as diabetes is a disease, treatment is needed. Union members should discuss this with their personal union rep to find out what options are available for substance abuse and addiction.
If you or someone you know is in this situation, it must be understood that avoiding incidents at work and getting ahold of the addiction before it becomes major life problems will make any employer appreciative. There is a certain respect about seeking help instead of hiding problems.
If you or someone you know would need help in discussing treatment options with your union representative, we at The Best Treatment Center can help you have these difficult conversations.


We Understand the Importance of Maintaining Employment

So you have a steady job, but you also need help. How do you keep your union job while getting the help you need?

At The Best Treatment Center, we would want any of our guests who came in from a union, to be able to return after their treatment program ready to go back to work.

Employers must grant up to three months of leave per year while still covering all medical benefits because of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). So union members are able to get the treatment they need and return without the fear of losing their job. The Americans with Disabilities Act also covers those who suffer with addiction, this protects individuals from any discrimination after treatment is completed and you are back on the job.

Cost of Treatment for Union Members

At The Best Treatment Center, we understand that there is assumptions around addiction treatment or rehab that may seem expensive. The truth is many costs of treatment is covered by health insurance. We offer free insurance verification for anyone interested in taking the first step towards recovery.

Through our website, you can learn about the various insurance carriers we accept. Call us now for free insurance verification: 888-670-9424.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Health Care

Levels of Care and Length of Stay

Your specific insurance plan will let you know what levels of care you will be covered for and for how long your treatment coverage will last. It is not uncommon for union members to struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. There may be additional funds or payment options set aside for those who struggle with substance abuse.

For some unions there are Employee Assisted Programs (EAPs). These are designed for employees to deal with their personal problems in a confidential setting, this includes substance abuse. EAP was created specifically for substance abuse and mental health issues in the workplace. They offer great services when it comes to setting union members up with appropriate treatment programs specific to their needs and insurance.

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