Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid based drug and brand name that has become abused on a large scale in recent years. It is a prescription pain medication for long lasting relief. It is an extremely strong pain medication that provides 12+ hours of relief, for those who suffer from chronic pain. As do most pain medications, Fentanyl has extreme addiction tendencies for the user. The best way to recover from an fentanyl addiction is with a proper and customized care plan from a qualified treatment center.

Withdrawal from fentanyl is extremely uncomfortable and generally a difficult process. Without the proper treatment program, a recovery addict may return to use because of the symptoms experienced from the detox. The symptoms of Fentanyl withdrawal include sleep deprivation, high levels of anxiety, major discomfort and many more. In order to recovery properly from a Fentanyl a customized treatment program is required. A medical detoxification process is needed to completely purge the drug from the body, and supervision is needed from a medical staff considering withdrawal from any pain medication is considered the most uncomfortable.

As unpleasant as it is, Fentanyl recovery does not have to be extremely uncomfortable. With the proper treatment care recovery is possible and medications can be administered so it is not painful as a “cold turkey” approach would be.

Symptoms Of Fentanyl Withdrawal:

Fentanyl withdrawal has a number of symptoms, similar to any pain medication. First symptoms are seen within 12-30 hours.


Runny nose

Excess tearing

Insomnia and yawning

Muscle pain

Anxiety and agitation


Stomach cramping


Dilated pupils



Depending on how much Fentanyl is used and how long the abuse occurred, the process of withdrawal can last anywhere from less than a week to three full weeks.

Why The “Cold Turkey” Approach to Fentanyl Detoxing is Dangerous

Fentanyl is extremely addictive, it takes a user less than a week to be physically dependant on the drug. If use continues for a prolonged period of time, being weeks, months or even years it quickly deteriorates an users physical health. As many opioid based drugs, Fentanyl messes with your body’s natural endorphins, creates anxiety, stress and physical pain.

During a withdrawal from Fentanyl, physical pain should be expected and is often severe. The physical detoxification from the drug has high levels of uncomfort and that is a main reason behind why the “cold turkey” method is mainly unsuccessful. Without having the support from therapy and medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms- many will return to using the drug. The desire is so great and without around the clock supervision, encouragement, and care the recovery process can be without success.

Our staff know the sick feelings that come from a fentanyl detox, so they will make sure all guests are properly hydrated and fed because they are experienced with how a drug withdrawal can make it difficult to eat or drink. Having care around the clock ensures all our guests are and stay safe. Because dehydration is such a common symptom from a opioid withdrawal the oversight is necessary. There have been cases where people die from dehydration associated with a fentanyl withdrawal who were not under the care of a trained staff.

At The Best Treatment Center, we understand that detox from fentanyl is dangerous. We are able to provide comfort and relaxation throughout withdrawal and on the road to early recovery.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment In A Rehab Setting

At The Best Treatment Center we take pride in the intimate setting for recovery we have for our guests. We offer each guest a completely individualized care plan for their specific goals in abstinence from alcohol and drugs. We know this is the best way everyone can achieve success in living clean and sober. We completely understand the differences between each and every guest and that is why we meet them right as they are in their recovery journey.

We understand what a complex process the first few months in recovery are so we have guests receiving medical care during their stay at The Best Treatment. In order to keep our guests comfortable, we provide other medications to reduce nausea and help our guests sleep through the evening.

Our fentanyl addiction treatment program is designed to be comfortable and safe, it is the first and most effective step towards a full recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. By eliminating the individual’s physical dependence on the fentanyl, we know rehabilitation and recovery will be successful. We work with each guest on providing tools that will lead them in the direction of a drug-free life. We successfully integrate our guests back into society by giving the hope needed to live drug-free. Our aftercare program provides all of our guests with lifelong support even after their treatment with us is completed.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a fentanyl addiction, The Best Treatment Center is a place where you can relax your mind.

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