Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine abuse and addiction has both physical and non-physical symptoms. Methamphetamine or meth also has a number of other street names such as crystal meth, meth, crank, chalk, or speed. The substance itself is a white or lightly colored crystal-like drug that is taken in a variety of ways. The most common ways to take meth is injecting, inhaling, or smoking the substance, but can also be taken orally.

The strong desire of continued use that Meth causes the user is generally caused by the false sense sense of happiness, confidence, and energy that is created by the drug. Six to eight hours is the typical life of the high produced from methamphetamine, sometimes in extreme cases the high can last up to a full day. The heightened paranoia stage of meth abuse is commonly referred to as “Tweaking”, this is the stage where the drug can cause users to have mental or physical breakdowns and hallucinations.

A Meth Addiction has both psychological and physical effects and is a disease that must be monitored and maintained with lifelong treatment.

Physical Signs of Meth Abuse or Addiction:

Seizures and convulsions

Skin picking

Tooth decay

Skin crawling

Hair loss

Liver, lung, and heart problems


Mental or Non Physical Signs of Meth Abuse or Addiction:



Criminal behaviors

Memory loss

Aggression, confusion, disorientation

Lack of appetite

Secretive behaviors


The physical body of the drug user crashes hard when the meth high is over. Depression and being unmotivated are usually feelings experienced by the drug user during this crash period. The withdrawal effects of meth are so emotionally severe that typically the user returns to use to avoid these results. When reuse happens enough, addiction is formed.

Meth Addiction Treatment from The Best Treatment Center

A methamphetamine addiction treatment plan from The Best Treatment comes with intense therapy sessions including individual and group settings, education on the disease of addiction, EMDR trauma therapy, cognitive behavioral therapies, relapse prevention and more.

The PHP and IOP levels of care provided by The Best Treatment is important because in order to prevent relapse it is suggested a 60-90 day rehabilitation process is completed. We offer an individualized treatment program because it is essential to begin treating the root causes of drug use and addiction and everyone’s care is different.

Our goal here at The Best Treatment Center is to support our guests during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth. We know that the more supported our guests feel, the more courage they will have to continue in their battle against a methamphetamine addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with meth addiction or abuse, we have answers. Call The Best Treatment Center today

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