Benefits Of Group Therapy

Benefits Of Group Therapy

A large part of our programming at The Best Treatment Center is making sure each and every guest receives a customized treatment plan specifically catered to their individual needs. We feel a huge part of this is having options for both individual and group therapy sessions.

Group therapy or counseling is when a group of around ten or less members come together under the care of a group facilitator engage in therapeutic methods. At The Best Treatment Center we hold group classes daily, everyone involved takes part in expressing their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions in a safe environment overseen by a master’s level therapist.

Group counseling gives guests a chance to express all their concerns and feelings to a group of their peers, so they understand they are in a judgement-free zone. At The Best Treatment we have seen guests appreciate the group setting because individuals sometimes have an easier time taking advice from their peers who have been and are in the same position as them rather than a professional who may have never personally been in their shoes.

Top 5 Benefits of Group Therapy at The Best Treatment Center

Support System

Group therapy is a great way to receive and give support to others on the same journey. This encourages a team-like atmosphere that is beneficial for all the other aspects that go into the treatment program including meal-times, recreational and living situations. We encourage all guests to give support which focuses on being uplifting, positive, and helpful.

Social Skills

Many individuals that we see walk into our doors have spent a significant time alone during their drug using days. Many guests when we first begin treatment may have a hard time holding a conversation or making eye contact, these are things that as a group is easier to work on than individually because they are thrown into a social situation without even realizing it.

We see a number of guests that deal with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses where most of their behaviors are not socially acceptable. We can take these anti-social behaviors and work through them slowly while focusing on other various therapies.

Building Healthy Relationships

With group therapy, not only are guests able to adapt their social skills to an appropriate level, but they are also learning what types of relationships are healthy and beneficial. With our programming at The Best Treatment Center we encourage all group participants to continue to build on these relationships they have established in treatment long after they have successfully completed. Many of the group participants have bonded by going through the same life challenges in treatment together and this is something they can relate to for the rest of their lives, especially after they have transitioned back into functioning society members.

There is also a certain level of accountability that group members will be able to take beyond treatment for each other. The therapeutic methods and ways to deal with emotions that they have learned throughout their group processes are something they can think back to long after their treatment has passed.

A Safe Place for Continued Healing

With all peer group settings monitored by a group facilitator, guests know that it is a safe place for sharing. There is no shame in sharing, no opinions should be afraid to be expressed. We take pride in providing all of our guests a safe haven to discuss the emotions they are feeling without the fear of ridicule. We have a healthy climate that participants will never feel disrespected, embarrassed or ashamed by another member or facilitator.

Healing through Unity

All of our group members are in addiction treatment for the same thing. Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. It is a powerful tool for our community to understand that many of our guests have been through the same traumas, suffer from the same or similar mental illnesses, and have traveled down similar roads that have lead them down the path of addiction. They have all seen the dark places and are now choosing to find the light together. Having the realization that you are not alone in this journey is a great aspect that group therapy provides for guests.

Group Therapies at The Best Treatment

At The Best Treatment Center we offer all of our therapeutic programming on an individual and group level. Guests have the ability to experience all therapy methods with their primary therapist and then also with their peers.

Groups Offered Include:

Creative Arts
Recreational Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you or someone you know could benefit from group therapy for addiction treatment, the time to seek help is now. Call The Best Treatment Center anytime day or night. Relax Your Mind at The Best Treatment Center, Live Your Best Life

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