Lortab Addiction Treatment

lortab addiction treatment

Lortab Addiction and Treatment

Lortab is a brand name pain reliever. It is commonly compared to Vicodin and Percocet. These prescription pain medications are used for pain relief but when misused are among the most addictive opioids. If Lortab is misused, it is easy to develop an addiction to the prescription pain medication, even under medical supervision.

What Is Lortab?

The two ingredients that makes up Lortab is hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a common pain medication prescribed for moderate to severe or pain relief. The opioid part of this drug is what makes Lortab addiction. The other part is acetaminophen, which is in many over the counter prescriptions and is not addictive. It is used to treat mild cases of pain, but the effects are heightened when combined with the hydrocodone.

These two separate ingredients work differently when it comes to the brain. Opioids bind to receptors to release a euphoric reaction, and acetaminophen stops the signals for nerve pain. Currently, Lortab is only in a liquid form.

There are no Lortab tablets. There are generic versions of Lortab that do offer hydrocodone and acetaminophen combinations in pill form.

Lortab Other Brand Names and More

Lortab is a name brand combination drug product that contains both hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is only available via prescription. This combination of medications is also available in generic form and other brand-name products, such as:


Vicodin ES

Vicodin HP


Lorcet Plus

Lorcet HD

For those who are illegally obtaining a hydrocodone and acetaminophen mixes, which could be either Lortab or a generic drug similar, the following names are street terms for the drugs.







Also keep in mind, Lortab is only available in a liquid form, so any pills or tablets sold as Lortab are expired or fake.

Lortab Uses

As previously mentioned above, Lortab is used only with a prescription from a doctor, for moderate to severe pain. Doctors advise all patients that it is important to only use Lortab for the shortest time possible and lowest doses.

Lortab Side Effects

As with most other opioids, the side effects are very similar.

Pinned Eyes



Unable to use the restroom/Constipation

Blurry vision


Dry mouth

Is Lortab Addictive?

Yes, like all other opioid based drugs, Lortab has a great potential to become addictive for the user, even in cases where the drug is administered properly by a medical doctor. As with any opioid based drug, the potential for addiction is around 25% according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lortab misuse can lead to addiction, resulting in any of the following side effects:

Increased risk of experiencing a potentially fatal overdose

Increased mood swings

An escalation in anxiety or depression

Destruction of relationships

Lortab addiction can be a severe condition and should prompt professional treatment as soon as possible.

Lortab Addiction Statistics

Regarding Lortab addiction in the United States, there isn’t exact data per brand name of drugs. So, we look at prescription opioid pain relievers as a whole group for the following statistics:

In a 2016 CDC report, there were over 11 million people ages 12+ that abused a prescription pain pill during the previous year. The abuse does not mean specifically addiction, but the more abuse, the more likely there is a chance for addiction to develop.

Lortab Addiction Treatment at The Best Treatment

Quitting Lortab cold turkey has many dangers if you are not consulting with your doctor first. Talk to your doctor today if you have developed and addiction to Lortab or any other opioid-based drugs.

After the initial detox process the next levels of care would be a partial hospitalization or an intensive outpatient treatment program for Lortab addiction.

The PHP and IOP levels of care provided by The Best Treatment is important because in order to prevent relapse it is suggested a 60-90 day rehabilitation process is completed. We offer an individualized treatment program because it is essential to begin treating the root causes of drug use and addiction, so everyone’s treatment care program is unique.

Our goal here at The Best Treatment Center is to support our guests during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth.

We know that the more supported our clients feel, the more courage they will have to continue in their battle against any opioid addiction.

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