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Outpatient Addiction Treatment at The Best Treatment Center

At The Best Treatment Center, our Outpatient Treatment Program is our lowest level of care. In many situations outpatient treatment for substance abuse can be used in situations where the individual wants to get sober but does not want to leave work, school or other responsibilities that would happen admitting into an inpatient treatment program. In most situations it is suggested to receive a medical detox for those struggling with drug abuse and addiction. A medical detox is required because of the withdrawal symptoms are often too intense for an individual suffering without medical care 24/7 during the initial purge process. If the cravings are too intense many recovering addicts return to use because of the lack of accountability of the outpatient treatment setting.

The severity of the addiction is always taken into consideration and at The Best Treatment Center, we take pride in offering all our guests a specialized treatment care plan.

The spectrum of addiction varies between mild, moderate and severe. In some cases, the guest may only require a outpatient setting, whereas other situations, outpatient should be a lower level of care offered after an inpatient stay is completed. Outpatient would typically be advised in a mild case of substance abuse or addiction. At The Best Treatment we offer three different levels of care for addiction treatment, but always suggest a proper medical detox before coming into our programming. These levels start more frequent and intensive therapy to less intensive therapy as you move through your addiction treatment goals and according to therapist suggestions.

Outpatient Program for Addiction at The Best Treatment

At The Best Treatment Center, our Outpatient Program works the same way our higher levels of care work. A variety of therapy between one-on-one sessions with a primary addiction therapist, and peer group sessions supervised by an addiction specialist. A guest in our Outpatient Program attends therapy sessions 9 hours or less weekly and are in the process of completely reintegrating with normal society. By the time we step down a guest of ours into our Outpatient Program, they will already maintain a job, and have been integrated into a local recovery community meeting other people outside of just within the treatment program who are also choosing to live life clean and sober.
Therapies Used in Outpatient Addiction Treatment at The Best Treatment

At The Best Treatment all of our highly trained therapists use evidence-based treatment practices with all of our guests suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Common medications used at The Best Treatment are EMDR Trauma, Mindfulness Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, Creative Arts Groups, and many more. If you look under our Therapies section, you can read more about the specifics of each therapy. (LINK TO www.thebesttreatment.com/groups)

Length of Outpatient Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol

The goal of outpatient treatment program for addiction at The Best Treatment Center is to provide all of our guests with the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure they are able to reclaim their life from the grip of addiction.

Every guest has their own path through treatment. We recognize that no two guests will ever have the same pace. There are many commonalities for most guests as they go through treatment, many challenges and needs are similar. We believe in treatment of the entire person, mind, body, and spirit. We know that is important for physical health to be managed because most of those suffering in active addiction have ignored physical health while using. We try and set a positive structure so the guest can look at all aspects of their life that require attention so they can improve their overall selves. We know that the next step down would be returning to an unsupervised environment so we want our guests to be whole before they take on the challenge.

By the time a guest is close to completing an addiction treatment program from The Best Treatment Center they should already be mastering the following two concepts. While working with a primary therapist and case management team, we take into consideration how each guest thrives through treatment before transitioning them back out into the real world. Here are some concepts we keep in mind.

Gaining Strength Through Sobriety

Knowing what it takes to live clean and sober

Gain healthy new skills in order to live substance free

Maintaining feelings

Gaining sober friends and supports

Knowing when to ask for professional help when need be

Thriving Through Sobriety

Being happy and complete with their life free of drugs and alcohol

Using all of their new healthy behaviors on a daily basis

Leaning on sober support to manage emotions

Attending sober support groups or 12 step meetings consistently

Helping others anyway they can

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse and addiction

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