Mindfulness & Meditation Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness & Meditation Cognitive Therapy

We offer a unique treatment track as an alternative setting for our guests who are not appropriate for a 12-step based model. The Mindfulness form of therapy is most popular with the more mature guests while creating a comprehensive treatment care plan.

Guests in our Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy can easily see similarities to cognitive behavioral therapy, but with the added aspects of mindfulness and meditation incorporated into the therapeutic process. Originally MBCT was developed as a relapse prevention program for those who suffer from major depressive disorder also commonly known as depression. At The Best Treatment Center, we treat depression alongside addictive disorder in a co-occurring track.

The cognitive methods of this theory would be education on addiction as a disease and the mental disorder. Handing all incoming feelings and thoughts without reaction is the focus of the mindfulness and meditation portion of this therapy. Disengaging from negative thinking patterns are implemented in this therapy and the term used is called “Decentering”. The mindfulness and meditation aspect of this therapy is effective for help in processing the cravings of addictive substances, and is a relapse prevention tool. Mindfulness teaches the individual to process their emotions before reaction takes place.

Origin of Mindfulness and Meditation when it comes to addiction treatment is loosely based on Buddhist practices. This is an eight-fold path to increase spiritual and self awareness. This treatment program is generally recommended towards our mature clientele.

According to Buddhist practices the eight paths are:









At The Best Treatment Center, we know each individual who comes through our doors has a unique path in life and we know it is important to have various therapies according to those needs. There is no clear cut treatment for addiction, so having Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy shows that offering specialized programs are the most beneficial to each person’s individual journey into recovery.

To learn more about The Best Treatment Center’s Mindfulness Practices. The time to relax at The Best Treatment is now, Live Your Best Life.

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