Cigna Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Cigna Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Cigna provides policyholders various levels of benefits for those struggling with addiction. At The Best Treatment Center, we work with a number of drug rehabs that accept Cigna Health Insurance. Cigna addiction treatment options will be the best option for you or a loved one if they are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol alone.

Many individuals are unsure of the treatment coverage they have for mental health, co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) and alcohol or drug addiction. It can be a stressful situation to think of using a treatment center that is out-of-network because of the cost of most rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol abuse.

At The Best Treatment Center, we will provide you with a free insurance verification and point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a drug or alcohol treatment programs based off the Cigna Insurance for Addiction Treatment. We will also guide you in the correct direction for what levels of care, and treatment length suggestions to ensure the best path in the start of the recovery journey. Call Now: (888) 670-9424.

What Cigna Insurance Benefits for Drug and Alcohol Treatment are Appropriate for Each Individual

There are many differences when it comes to basic health insurance and general benefits compared to addiction treatment drug rehabs and mental health. The Best Treatment Center can be a guide to determine what options are available for each individual’s Cigna Insurance for drug rehab plans.

The Best Treatment Center will Determine on an Individual Basis:

Which drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment program is appropriate for you based on the Cigna Insurance plan

Location of the alcohol and drug rehab

The length of stay in addiction treatment (most start with 30 day programs but some programs can last up to one full year)

The levels of care based on the individual’s severity of drug or alcohol use and abuse.

The Best Treatment Center offers individual reviews of your Cigna coverage for drug rehab, and then will suggest the most appropriate program based on a drug or alcohol rehab that best accepts the benefits. We will also inform you of the out-of-pocket costs you would be looking to spend.

We will let any individual know of all their options for drug or alcohol treatment up front. This is extremely helpful in cases where an individual may check into a program that they assumed (or were told) Cigna covers, and that ends up not being that case. With help from The Best Treatment Center, the hard work is done by us and we make sure we are only advising on a Cigna Insurance verified drug rehab center that is within your policy. We hate to see individuals told they are covered to later find out the insurance company did not pay out and they instead are held responsible for payment. This can be over a $30,000 mistake if the insurance is not verified properly. We make sure each individual knows all their drug and alcohol treatment options for Cigna up front.

The difference of going to treatment for just 30 days or being able to go for a prolonged period of time, sometimes up to several months could be as little as choosing an in-network rehab center instead of an out-of-network provider . At The Best Treatment Center, we take pride in able to provide our guests and loved ones of guests with free insurance verification, plus specific information about your Cigna insurance coverage based on our team of in-house admissions professionals. All of our admissions professionals have years of verification experience, having verified thousands of policies and having placed thousands of people into quality care addiction treatment programs.

Cigna Health Insurance Drug Rehabs Benefits

Cigna plans for drug rehab are accommodating to each individual’s budget and usually pretty flexible when it comes to each individual’s specific care needs. The Best Treatment Center stresses the importance of knowing all the benefits that are available for each one’s Cigna insurance policies for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. This is a high concern especially when thinking about life beyond addiction treatment. The Best Treatment Center Addiction Treatment Options wants to set up everyone for success in their early recovery process. Cigna Insurance for Health offers a mobile app and website login tools that allow anyone to check the status of their claim, manage account balances, and aid in the location of in-network providers. Representatives of Cigna are available to policy members 24/7 for those who have questions concerning their claims and in-network providers. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to emergency type of situations.

Cigna health insurance plans are available in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida (Cigna has a presence in about 20 U.S. states as well as 30 other countries). With the recent opioid epidemic wreaking havoc on our nation, these states require health insurance providers to offer addiction treatment and mental health services within their policies.

The Best Treatment Center Offers Free Insurance Verification for Cigna Policies, What are You Waiting For?

The relationships The Best Treatment Center has created with alcohol and drug rehabs nationwide is the reasoning behind the fact we are able to provide you with accurate, detailed Cigna insurance information. We can provide you with the levels of care, out of pocket costs, and lengths of stay ahead of time so when you enter treatment, it is not a risk to you.

To learn more about The Best Treatment Center’s Cigna Insurance Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

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