OxyContin Addiction Treatment

oxycontin addiction

What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is a popular brand name for the generic oxycodone, it is a prescription medication used for high levels of pain. OxyContin is easily the most prescribed opiate for pain relief. It was created in 1916, and has been used by medical doctors in America since 1929. It took until the year 1970 for the drug to be labeled a Schedule II drug by the Controlled Substances Act.

OxyContin is used for treatment of chronic and severe pain. It is an extended or long-acting version of oxycodone. It is time released and typically used for relief of pain from injuries, cancer, arthritis and surgery. As morphine is used, oxycodone is in many other medications as the base drug, so it is in Percocet with is both oxycodone and acetaminophen.

OxyContin is different from most pain relievers because it is only needed to be taken every 12 hours, when most are every three to six hours. It is a time released formula that provides around-the-clock relief. Even though OxyContin is an effective treatment for pain, it is also a drug heavily abused.

Many people abuse OxyContin and form addiction. This drug has been a problem for addiction for the past 30 years, but since the opioid epidemic we have seen an increase in abuse significantly. Young adults and teens have had major rises in addiction to OxyContin.

How Is OxyContin Used?

To avoid OxyContin addiction, it’s important that patients take this opioid analgesic exactly as directed by their doctor.

In order to avoid an addiction to OxyContin, it is important that patients who are prescribed the prescription pain reliever only take as prescribed. Even under a prescription, it is easily able to become addicted to this strong drug. All OxyContin prescriptions, the medical doctor will warn the patients on the dangers of addiction to this drug.

Addiction and Abuse of OxyContin

When abusing the drug OxyContin, or when abuse does occur, it does not necessarily mean there is an addiction right away, but they are much more likely to become addicted. When addiction to OxyContin is present, the user will often have strong cravings for the prescription pain reliever. All opioids when taken alter the brain’s chemistry and this leads to addiction fairly quickly.

There are many signs of an addiction to OxyContin to look for. These signs include behavioral and lifestyle changes, taking the drug for other reasons than typically intended, and also seeming detached and tired constantly. If people are getting OxyContin from other people without a prescription or buying them off the street, or in secretive behavior, there is a good chance there is an addiction problem.

Typically when dealing with an OxyContin addiction, users will also mix the drug with other substances to heighten the high. Many people pair OxyContin with benzodiazepines, other opioids and alcohol most commonly. This is dangerous and often always an indicator of OxyContin addiction.

OxyContin addiction is as dangerous and often compared to that of heroin. The tolerance to OxyContin develops quickly, and this leads to the user needing more and more of the drug to result in the same high. When users take higher doses, this can be lethal circumstances. Those who are taking the drug properly and still develop a tolerance but does not necessarily mean they are struggling with an addiction to the drug.

People who do develop an addiction to prescription pain pills should seek treatment from a medical professional immediately. OxyContin is a devastating drug when abused and not only can it ruin people’s lives but also result in death.

Any opioid based drugs are highly addictive and very dangerous- they are often compared to heroin addiction. The legality factors of OxyContin make it more heavily abused than heroin, people are overdosing more from OxyContin. Since 2012, there have been significant rises in opioid deaths.

When you are withdrawing from OxyContin, there are many side effects that come into play including:

Body aches

Muscle pain


Panic attacks

Depressed mood

Anxiety or anxiousness

Trouble sleeping




In order to avoid any withdrawal symptoms when seeking to come off of the drug OxyContin is it important to seek medical care during the initial detox of the drug. There are many dangers associated with a “cold turkey” form of quitting this highly addictive substance. At The Best Treatment Center, we offer customized treatment programs for those who suffer from OxyContin addiction.

Inpatient OxyContin Addiction Treatment In A Rehab Setting

Evidence-based treatment centers for opioid addictions strive to provide each and every guest with a custom treatment plan. This is the best way to ensure a sustained recovery. Each guest is different and we meet our guests right where they are in their journey into recovery.

The detoxification processes for opioids involves a taper from the drug substituting opioid based drugs to block the craving that comes with drug addiction. In order to keep our guests comfortable, we provide other medications to reduce nausea and help our guests sleep through the evening.

Our opioid addiction treatment process is designed to be a safe and comfortable, effective step on your road to full recovery from addiction. By helping you eliminate your physical dependence on the prescription painkiller, we know that we are setting you on the road to successful rehabilitation and recovery, which will lead you in the direction of a drug-free life. We give our guests the tools needed in order to live a drug-free post treatment, so integration back into society is successful.

Levels of Care for OxyContin Addiction at The Best Treatment

At The Best Treatment Center, our OxyContin Program works with a variety of therapy between one-on-one sessions with a primary addiction therapist, and peer group sessions supervised by an addiction specialist. A guest in our Oxycontin addiction treatment program attend therapy sessions 9 hours or less weekly and are in the process of completely reintegrating with normal society. By the time we step down a guest of ours into our Outpatient Program, they will already maintain a job, and have been integrated into a local recovery community meeting other people outside of just within the treatment program who are also choosing to live life clean and sober.

Therapies Used in OxyContin Addiction Treatment at The Best Treatment Center

At The Best Treatment all of our highly trained therapists use evidence-based treatment practices with all of our guests suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Common medications used at The Best Treatment are EMDR Trauma, Mindfulness Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, Creative Arts Groups, and many more. If you look under our Therapies section, you can read more about the specifics of each therapy.

The PHP and IOP levels of care provided by The Best Treatment is important because in order to prevent relapse it is suggested a 60-90 day rehabilitation process is completed. We offer an individualized treatment program because it is essential to begin treating the root causes of drug use and addiction and everyone’s care is different.

Our goal here at The Best Treatment Center is to support our guests during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth. We know that the more supported our guests feel, the more courage they will have to continue in their battle against OxyContin addiction.

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