BCBS for Addiction Treatment

There are over 36 health insurance companies in America that are owned under Blue Cross and Blue Shield which is called The Blue System. The Blue System in its entirety cover over 105 million Americans in all 50 of the US states. Over 50% of federal employees are enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shields network.

There are four categories that make up both family and individual plans in Blue Cross Blue Shields health insurance options. The levels mostly depend on the state: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze plans. The most expensive plans fall under the Platinum category and the lowest cost plans are Bronze plans. There are a number of states that do not offer the platinum category. BCBS recommends the bronze-level plan for those who do not go to the doctor often, because it has the lowest monthly rates and deductible costs.

In summary, the tiered plans of Blue Cross Blue Shield are as follows:

Platinum: The most coverage in a plan, this level covers around 90 of medical costs, has the lowest deductible, but has the highest monthly payment.

Gold: The second most coverage in a BCBS option. This level covers around 80 percent of medical costs, offers a low deductible for patients but has a high monthly payment.

Silver: A medium tiered level of BCBS options. This level covers around 70 percent of medical costs, has a lower deductible, but a slightly higher monthly payment.

Bronze: This is the lowest tier of health insurance offered by BCBS. This level covers around 60 percent of medical costs, a high deductible, but monthly payments are generally low.

Health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield varies by state, however, so it is recommended that you check your state’s specific coverage details.

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Checking Your Coverage Through BCBS

There are many different ways to see if your health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. At The Best Treatment Center, we offer free insurance verification to those who are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. There are also online options to find coverage. Members should have their ID numbers ready and then log on to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s website. If the health insurance is one of the subsidiaries of BCBS there are usually options on the website’s listing of the 36 member companies.

When it comes to addiction treatment. As a Blue Cross Blue Shield member, you can access the cost estimator for treatment. It will allow you to search ahead to see what a typical addiction treatment program will cost with your insurance plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The coverage for addiction treatment varies according to the various plan levels. In most cases BCBS plans cover some part of a treatment program. Each guest will have a different coverage according to their specific needs when it comes to detoxification and treatment stay. Most individuals who struggle with any alcohol, benzodiazepine or opiate addiction will be in need of a medical detox and this will be given after their initial assessment. A proper medical detox is necessary for these substances because it is extremely dangerous if not monitored by medical professionals.
To learn more about your plan specifics, call The Best Treatment Center now, we will be able to run your benefits and point you in the right direction of a trusted addiction treatment center. In most cases, only a portion of detox or addiction treatment is covered by insurance. It’s important to speak with Blue Cross Blue Shield or have an insurance verification ran to determine the specific level of coverage, it is important to know the exact dollar amount you will spend before you or your loved one goes into a treatment facility.

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The relationships The Best Treatment Center has created with alcohol and drug rehabs nationwide is the reasoning behind the fact we are able to provide you with accurate, detailed Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance information. We can provide you with the levels of care, out of pocket costs, and lengths of stay ahead of time so when you enter treatment, it is not a risk to you.

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