Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy at The Best Treatment Center

Recreational Therapy, also commonly called therapeutic recreation, is a system created to use activities and activity based interventions to address the overall health of the individual struggling with substance abuse. Physical, emotional, behavioral, and psychological health are addressed in recreational therapy. At The Best Treatment Center we focus on the entirety of an individual’s life for their treatment program so it would make sense for us to implement a program such as rec therapy.

Recreational Therapy Explained

Recreational therapy is important specifically for treating addictions because it is important to teach guests how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. Many individuals who have abused substances for a significant time may not be used to engaging in hobbies or social activities sober. Our goal for any guest is to successfully transition them back into society and recreational therapy is a great way to do so.

Recreational therapy is used with most individualized treatment programs alongside a number of other therapeutic methods including EDMR, Co-occurring Disorder, Motivational Enhancements and more. As with all of our therapies, recreational therapy is used in primary one-on-one sessions and also in group settings.

Activities in Rec Therapy:



Group outings

Arts & crafts

Activities with animals

Many forms of recreational therapy can be compared to creative arts therapy. While recreational therapy can be used in an individual or group setting, we more commonly see this therapy implemented on a group level. We enjoy being able to take our guests outdoors for group oriented activities. This is a great form of therapy to reduce a guest’s stress level while encouraging happiness and fun. It is a great relapse prevention tool because of how it reduces depression, stress and anxiety.

Recreational therapy goals:

Social skill improvement

Sense of well-being

Work-life balance

Successful time management

Increased strength and motor skills

Mood improvement

At The Best Treatment Center we value offering each guest their own personally customized treatment program because we understand that there is no “cookie cutter” fix for the disease of addiction. We believe in an assortment of treatment methods for our guests. If one treatment program is not working for an individual and their goals, we always are able to provide other options.

Therapeutic Recreation Benefits

As mentioned before, recreational therapy is a group of complementary therapeutic methods. Recreational therapy can be applied to numerous needs besides just for treatment of the disease of addiction. We see success with guests who also have co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, PTSD and even physical disabilities.

In addiction treatment we see rec therapy as a great prevention tool. When we keep guests busy, they have less time to let their mind wander back to the drug or alcohol use. By showing them positive and fun ways to stay busy without the use of substances the individual is able to see that living a happy, clean and sober life is possible.

We understand working with guests who are struggling with addictions can be challenging, but we know with patience, hope, safety and serenity.

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