Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a therapeutic method that helps those seeking treatment resolve their insecurities about engaging in a treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction. MET is used for both intervention methods and counseling. MET is used to create a motivational change in the individual’s personal opinions on their personal recovery process and their actions. Motivational Enhancements is typically started in a one-on-one therapy session with a primary therapist. The therapist in the beginning sessions is looking to start the conversation with the guest about their personal situation, and specifically about their struggles with substance abuse. There are motivational interviewing principles used when it comes to this therapy to motivate the individual into building a plan for the changes that should be made in their personal lives. As in most therapies for addiction treatment there is a priority placed on instilling strategies for high risk situations that a guest may be in after treatment. Throughout the entire therapeutic process and treatment program, the guest’s primary therapist will continue to encourage the change in the guest’s attitude towards their recovery with a goal based plan.

According to the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse research suggests that Motivational Enhancement Therapy and the success is dependant on the type of drug abused and the overall goal of the treatment program. MET has been successful when it comes to treatment of alcohol addiction, and specifically with improvement from the guest’s part of their addiction treatment. Paired with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy it gives a more comprehensive treatment plan which is a common practice we implement here at The Best Treatment.

Understanding Motivational Assessment Therapy

Each and every guest that comes through our doors we provide a customized treatment plan according to their needs. MET is used hand in hand with a variety of our other treatment therapies so each guest has a completely unique treatment plan according to them.

MET and Addiction Treatment

The first step in any of The Best Treatment Center addiction treatment programs, the guest will first have a medical assessment completed. This assessment will address all of the guest’s needs during their treatment program and from here the therapist and medical professionals are able to discuss the appropriate therapeutic methods that will be used.

During the initial drug detoxification process, it is important that the guest be monitored by a medical professional to ensure all the guest’s vital signs and withdrawal symptoms are cared for. During the initial withdrawal and detox Motivational Enhancement Therapy is used to get the guest on board to change their attitude and behavior towards and addiction treatment program and drug use in general.

MET and Co-occurring Disorder

MET is commonly used with co-occurring disorders in The Best Treatment Center therapeutic programming. It is extremely common for those who suffer with addiction issues to also have a mental health disorder, both of these disorders are affected by brain imbalances. Motivational Enhancements Therapy is a common practice used in both disorders as a form of relapse prevention.

Some co-occurring conditions MET treats include:

Bipolar Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Eating Disorders

Five Elements of Motivational Enhancement Therapy

There are five elements that guests will work though with their primary therapists as a part of their addiction treatment program at The Best Treatment. All the following elements are found to encourage motivational change for those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues.

Teaching Guest’s to Develop and Express Empathy

Therapist encourage guests to learn how to empathize with others and how their own actions are affecting other people in their lives.

Learning the Difference Between Thoughts and Reality

In cases where guests are resistant to gaining the addiction treatment they need, this process teaches them how to come to terms with where their current life is actually at. It is an eye-opening experience for guests to recognize the gap and this helps boost those feelings towards a self-motivational change.

Teaching Guests to Avoid Argumentative Situations

At The Best Treatment Center, none of our therapists will engage in arguing with a guest concerning their drug or alcohol use. Guests are then encouraged to have a positive outlook on the Motivational Enhancement Therapy.

Accepting Resistance as Part of the Process

Therapists work hand in hand with guests who have resistance to addiction treatment. The primary therapist will engage with the recovering guests on a personal level and guide them to realize their behaviors are a direct impact on their over goals and relationships.

Supporting Guest’s Goals

In any treatment program for addiction we have at The Best Treatment Center, our goal is to make sure the guests are able to properly integrate back into society after treatment is complete. This is encouraging guests to achieve their own personal goals. We teach guests to have the power within themselves to overcome addiction. We teach guests to have positive thoughts and behaviors to the next chapter in their life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Motivational Enhancements Therapy is a great first step towards recovery. Call The Best Treatment Center now:

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