The Intake Process

What to Expect from the Intake Process for Addiction Treatment at The Best Treatment Center

The intake process is the very first step taken after arrival to The Best Treatment Center. We want this first step into recovery to go as smoothly as possible, you will be working with caring clinical staff members during this period. The intake process is how our clinical staff determines an individualized treatment program for each guest who walks through our doors. This process can take a few hours and is a pretty intensive. It includes multiple questionnaires, assessments, and interviews, all the information collected is then discussed among our clinical and medical staff to determine the best plan moving forward.

Multiple Steps of Intake at The Best Treatment

We want all guests to know what to expect during their intake process, so we have broken it down into the following steps.

Step 1: Speak to an Admissions Specialist

You have already picked up the phone and called us to seek help for addiction treatment. You have spoken with one of our admissions specialists, they are the first point of contact that will gather initial information. The admissions specialist will also gather information about the substances that have been abused to determine which levels of care are needed for treatment. All the information provided at this step or any of the following steps is confidential. Most of our staff members have been in your shoes and are always non-judgemental in their approach to treatment and encouraging. We understand what a fragile time this is, so we will do everything in our power to help you feel at ease and comfortable during this time. We encourage the intake process to start immediately after the initial admissions call is made. After gathering this information, the treatment facility will schedule a full intake. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the intake process is recommended as soon as possible after the initial phone call is made to seek treatment.

Step 2: Combination of Interviews and Questionnaires

The second step of treatment is completing a few different interviews and questionnaires. Our treatment is individualized for each guest, so we have different processes for each interview, some are structured with a list of questions and others will be discussing various topics in a relaxed setting. We usually use a variation of both interview styles in order to determine the best treatment program for each guest. Our questionnaires are highly important in the intake process, some are for determining and identifying any mental health or psychological disorders. There are other questionnaires made to gather more demographic information, such as sex, age, occupation and other personal information. There are some questionnaire packets we will give to the guest to complete themselves, there will always be a clinical team member there if help is ever needed. Many times the medical questions have terminology that may be confusing, so we are there to guide guests each step of the way through the interview and questionnaire process.

Step 3: Mental Health and Medical Assessments

In order for us to get an individualized treatment plan completely created and tailored to the individual’s needs, there will need to be both a physical and mental health assessment portion of the intake. We create these plans to ensure our guests are safe, establishing and attaining goals, treat any co-occurring issues, for a well-rounded treatment plan. Our on staff doctor will perform a medical assessment at the time of intake to assess a guest’s overall health. This also determines if there are any medical or co-occurring mental health issues that must be immediately addressed. The doctor will work alongside a mental health counselor for the mental health part of this assessment. If there is a co-occurring disorder discovered, we provide treatment for the mental health issue at the same time we are providing addiction treatment so recovery is covered on all fronts.

Step 4: Your Specific Treatment Program

At The Best Treatment Center we take pride in providing a number of different therapies and addiction treatment options for our guests. We know that in order to properly heal from any drug or alcohol addiction is specialized treatment made to treat all aspects of the individual’s life, mind-body-and spirit.

There are a number of different models we offer differ in intensity, length, and methods. Some examples used here when it comes to treatment therapies are motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, recreational therapy, yoga, co-occurring disorder therapies with depression, anxiety, and so much more.

We are so happy to be able to help a wide range of guests because of the experienced clinical staff we have at The Best Treatment. Upon entering treatment we discuss the agreement between The Best Treatment Center and the guest where they agree to be free of drugs and alcohol during their recovery stay. Throughout each guests stay, they will be working with their therapist to discover other services available to help your goals with overall life. Examples of other services would be job training, working through legal issues, repairing damaged relationships within the family or friends, and even getting the opportunity to participate in community volunteer services- a way to give back.

Step 5: Initial Therapy Session

The last step and conclusion of the intake process would be getting the chance to meet your primary therapist.

Therapy at The Best Treatment Center includes both group therapy and individualized therapy sessions. Each guest starts with a brief therapeutic session with a primary therapist, this will be the first opportunity for your therapist to learn about you and your life. They will want to discuss all the information you have been providing during the entire intake process, your therapist will want to know about your employment status, family relationships, social habits, and other lifestyle aspects- then of course about the substance use and abuse. Any and all questions about treatment can be directed towards your primary therapist. They are going to be with you every step during your recovery.

You can find out what methods of therapy will be used and what the rules are inside the treatment center when it comes to phone calls home, curfews and all the small details of your stay with The Best Treatment.

We believe in treatment of the entire person- mind, body, and spirit. All life circumstances can be improved by an addiction treatment stay. When life is improved in all aspects, the need for drug or alcohol use will be less and less each day. We work with you where you are at in life to get through the tough times without turning to harmful substances. We treat addiction as a life or death situation as it is, so we are going to do everything for you to make sure you are successful when you leave here and stay clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.

Taking the First Steps

Even though this may seem like a good amount of information, remember you are making the best life decision you could possibly be making at this point, and you will come out victorious.

After the intake process, we will have gathered all the information we need to completely customize your treatment plan to make sure we are setting you up to be the best version of yourself clean and sober. We will address all aspects of each guest and set them up to be happy, safe, and most of all sober! Call today if you or someone you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, we can get them the help they need today. The Journey to Recovery Starts Here…

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