Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy

At The Best Treatment Center we emphasize a main part of our therapeutic program being presenting new or lost passions to our guests for their new life in early recovery. We want guests to be able to have the tools needed in order to prevent return to use after they complete their addiction treatment program. We believe having a hobby, interest or passion is a great tool for those recovering from addiction to have. Creative interventions allow guests to express themselves in a healthy manner.

There are a number of different creative art therapies. At The Best Treatment Center, we formalize them into categories including drama therapy, poetry or creative writing therapy, journaling, dance therapy, and paint/drawing therapy. All of these have a general name of creative arts because during each of these therapies the individual is encouraged to be creative with their thoughts and feelings while creating art.

The integrative therapies are expressive in nature. They are used in a combination of treatment modalities with intervention, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and counseling.

Art Therapy

Art therapy when speaking of drawing, painting, and sculpture can be used with individuals of all ages, with groups, and in family settings.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has positive effects on physical, cognitive, socia, and psychological functioning. This works in both health, educational, and addiction based problems. Music does wonders for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. We see music heal daily in our treatment program at The Best Treatment.

Drama Therapy

The systematic and intentional use of drama is what we know as drama therapy. When we use this towards therapeutic goals of emotional and physical integration, we can see symptom relief and personal growth within the individual. We use this for guests to be able to tell their story with creativity, they are able to solve inner issues, understand the meaning of certain plots or images, and take a look into oneself with observance. We also see success in drama therapy in situations of interpersonal communication in therapy groups or sessions.

Dance/Movement Therapy

We feel that offering dance therapy to our guests is a great way to heal the body and mind together. Movement in a psychotherapeutic use helps with emotional, cognitive, and physical integrations of the individual. Dance and movement therapies effect changes in functioning, behavior and feelings. We see this successful when dealing with substance abuse and addiction issues.

At The Best Treatment Center, we believe in meeting our guest right where they are in their journey while healing their body, spirit and mind. Creative arts therapies are a great way to address the entirety of the individual while introducing new interests, hobbies, and passions. They will be able to use these ideas and continue to pursue the interests introduced in treatment in their new life, living clean and sober.

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