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At The Best Treatment Center, everything we do is guest centered, evidence based, and designed to facilitate long term recovery from addiction. In order to remain aligned with these core principles, it is imperative that we offer various levels of care in our treatment program. Our first level of care is Partial Hospitalization. Also known as PHP and in some cases referred to as day treatment. After completing a successful detoxification process, PHP is the next level of care that most guests enter into. It is a less restrictive atmosphere from a detox and residential program, but is monitored by our staff 24/7.

Our Partial Hospitalization Programs are a part of our commitment to highly individualized treatment. Representing the next level of care from IOP, they provide the structure, therapeutic healing, and peer support that most addicts need to achieve and maintain a satisfying recovery

The Best Treatment Partial Hospitalization Program

In the simplest terms, you can think of The Best Treatment’ Partial Hospitalization Program as middle level of care for those in early recovery. It is the bridge between the detoxification program and the lowest level of care being Intensive Outpatient or an Outpatient program. The process begins with a detailed assessment of the PHP guest’s background, substance history, and unique emotional needs. Once this is accomplished, we work with the guest to come up with a customized treatment plan, one that we will modify as needed as treatment continues.

beachestreatmentcenter-minPHP guests usually report to our facility five days a week, for total of approximately thirty hours of various treatments. While enrolled in a partial hospitalization program, guests live in a collaborative housing setting and continue to work and contribute to the care of their family. PHP thus offers some of the same opportunities for real life application of recovery principles. Our housing is beautiful, safe, and comfortable so the guests are able to make their primary focus their recovery from alcohol and drugs.

The treatment sessions consist of both individual and group therapy work. The individual sessions are typically reserved for some of the more private difficulties that contribute to addiction. These may include trauma therapy, CBT sessions, and various other therapeutic methods that are deemed appropriate to an individual guest’s recovery.

The content of the groups sessions are highly variable, but usually include things like relapse prevention, peer support, and acclimation to 12-step or other long term support programs. They also provide guests with the opportunity to become integrated into the larger recovery community that has helped provide thousands of addicts and alcoholics true long term relief.

Like everything else we do at The Best Treatment Center, our PHP is committed to a single and unified purpose– to provide our long suffering guests with a strong foundation for permanent recovery.

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