Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Since 2017, heroin and other opioid based drugs are the leading cause of accidental deaths in our nation. Heroin is an highly addictive drug derived from morphine. This narcotic is often used illicitly and it produces an extreme euphoria for the user. We commonly see the heroin abuse start as an addiction to prescription pain medication that spirals out of control.

The pain pill abuse manifests into heroin addiction because of the price and availability compared to prescription pills. Once a user runs out of their pain medication, or can no longer afford their habit, heroin becomes an attractive solution. It is available on the street for a relatively less expensive cost than any prescription opiates.

When using heroin, the high is instantly gratifying and intense, these characteristics are what make the drug so addictive to an individual. Once a person becomes dependant on heroin, the drug can capture their whole life because of the addictive qualities.

There are many signs of heroin abuse or addiction, below are some to take into consideration if you notice this with a loved one or yourself.

Signs of Heroin Addiction:

Finding paraphernalia such as spoons, metal pipes, belts, or rubber tubing


Money or items missing from the home

Nodding out

Increased sleeping

Frequent flu-like symptoms and muscle aches

Slurred speech

Flushed skin or itching all over body

Small pupils

Nausea/ vomiting

Shallow or slowed breathing

Slowed breathing or shallow breathing


Increased pain tolerance

A heroin addiction can be easily detected when taking into consideration how a person is constantly acting. If you suspect a loved one is using heroin or any other opiate based substance, look out for the physical signs, starting with the appearance. Heroin literally takes the life out of a person, sometimes within just weeks. Over a prolonged period of use, a person will look thin and frail, with commonly open sores on their face/body and sunken in cheeks from the effects of heroin.

Dangers of Heroin Addiction & Abuse

Heroin addiction and abuse is a national emergency across our country and it affects people of all backgrounds, race and class.

Heroin and opioid overdoses are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. The death toll per year of opiate overdoses resulting in death, has recently taken the lead to car accidents. They say every 20 minutes in America someone is dying as a drug overdose result.

There are many risks to using heroin and other opioid based substances besides just death and overdosing. Individuals who primarily inject the drug are put at high risk for contracting diseases through blood and bodily fluids. Common diseases spread from heroin use when it comes to injecting is HIV and hepatitis C, and we see transmitted through sharing needles.

The Best Treatment Center’s Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

The Best Treatment Center provides heroin addiction recovery programs for guests that have recently completed a heroin detox program. Recovery from heroin starts with medical treatment to comfortably and safely detox from heroin. It is important to have a medically supervised heroin detoxification process because it is one of the most uncomfortable drug detoxes, and 24/7 care is needed so an individual does not return to use. There are many traumatic aspects of detoxing. The PHP and IOP levels of care provided by The Best Treatment is important because in order to prevent relapse it is suggested a 60-90 day rehabilitation process is completed. We offer an individualized treatment program because it is essential to begin treating the root causes of drug use and addiction and everyone’s care is different.

A heroin addiction treatment plan comes with a variety of therapy sessions including individual and group settings, education on the disease of addiction, mindfulness groups, trauma oriented, relapse prevention, aftercare programs and so much more.

The Best Treatment Center is focused on supporting each and every guest who comes into our care. We help guests during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth, we feel the more supported our guests feel, the more courage they will have to continue in their battle against addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction or abuse, we are here to help. Call The Best Treatment Center now

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