Kratom Addiction Treatment

Kratom Addiction and Treatment

Kratom is rather a newer substance when it comes to other drugs that are familiar in the United States and most of Europe. However, this drug has been used for pain relief in Southeast Asia for some time now as a painkiller and recreational drug. It is a natural drug that is similar to coffee or tea, as in you break up and brew the leaves. Kratom is still technically legal in most states in the U. S. but there has been a good amount of effort to ban the substance with pressure from the FDA.

Introducing Kratom

Native to Southeast Asia. As previously mentioned, Kratom is an herb that the leaves are what is ingested to reach the mood altering “high”. It can be brewed as tea, made into capsules, and has also been seen in tablet and liquid forms.

Those who take kratom on a regular basis, say not only does it provide relief from moderate and mild pain, but it also helps greatly with anxiety and depression. There is scientific research done that also says that Kratom can be a useful and natural tool used for those detoxing from opioid based drugs.

Kratom is a stimulant when taken in small doses. However, in large amounts it is considered a sedative. Two compounds make up the kratom leaf. One compound interact with the brain’s opioid receptors which control sedation, euphoria, and pain relief, this is specifically noticeable under large amounts of consumption. In small doses, a compound reacts with other brain receptors that produces the individual to be more social, energized, and alert.
So even though Kratom acts like an opioid based drug, it doesn’t have some of the deadly side-effects that we see in drugs like oxycontin such as slowed respiratory function…etc.

Known Side Effects of Kratom:



Dry mouth

Being sensitive to sunburn


Loss of appetite

Increased urination


Increased urination

There have been episodes of psychotic symptoms from some kratom users. It has not been associated with fatal overdose but many times when the drug is purchased commercially, the other ingredients or compounds of the mix have led to death.

There is a possibility of dependence on this drug when it comes to physical and psychological symptoms.
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has categorized Kratom in a “New Psychoactive Substance” section. Placed with other drugs that technically still aren’t illegal in the US, or Europe.

Kratom Abuse Signs

If you’ve never used kratom, or you don’t know much about it, you may be wondering how to know if someone is on it, or what the signs or symptoms of kratom use or abuse might be. In general, when someone takes small amounts of the herb, they will usually experience a stimulation effect, while at high doses, the effects will be similar to a sedative. It’s unusual that a substance could have these varying and opposing effects at different doses.

If you have never used or abused kratom, you may not know the signs of abuse. It is not a common substance, so below are compiled effects of “specifically” small doses.

Increased levels of physical energy



More ability to do tedious tasks

Increased social behavior

Is Kratom Addictive?

The FDA and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are monitoring kratom very carefully because no one knows enough about this substance currently. It is believed to be addictive and abused. Many are using this drug to get off of harder opioids like heroin, but the user in this process can also form a dependance to kratom (like many other drugs used during a withdrawal from heroin).

There are cravings associated with using kratom regularly. Even when it starts as just for fun, it can easily turn to daily use, and when the use is stopped withdrawal symptoms can kick in. Many of those in Southeast Asia already know the dangers of the drug and recognize the addictive factors in kratom. After using kratom for 30 days or more in a row, there will most likely be withdrawal effects if the user is trying to suddenly quit. It has also been considered by many a gateway drug to harder and more dangerous opioids.

Common Kratom Street Names

Since kratom popularity is new, there is not much known about the slag terms used for kratom. Here are some we have compiled so far, but most states it is legal to buy kratom so many people do not have to turn to illegal dealers to get their hands on the substance.




Herbal speedball



Kratom Addiction and Abuse Treatment

At The Best Treatment, we offer treatment from any mind-altering substance, and this includes kratom. The PHP and IOP levels of care provided by The Best Treatment is important because in order to prevent relapse it is suggested a 60-90 day rehabilitation process is completed. We offer an individualized treatment program because it is essential to begin treating the root causes of drug use and addiction, so everyone’s treatment care program is unique.

Our goal here at The Best Treatment Center is to support our guests during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth. We know that the more supported our guests feel, the more courage they will have to continue in their battle against any addiction.

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