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What are bath salts?

Originally created in the 1960s bath salts are a crystal like substance, this is why they are called bath salts, because they have been sold disguised as actual bath salts, the main ingredient is MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). Bath salts have been a more accessible and cheaper than other stimulants like MDMA, cocaine, and amphetamine.
Bath salts are in a drug class known as synthetic cathinones. These are chemically similar to cathinones. Which a cathinone is a stimulant that is from the khat plant. Cathinones are much more mild than the synthetically made cathinones. There are many different synthetic cathinones.

Are Bath Salts Addictive?

Bath salts are stimulants and the chemical compound produce similar effects to what methamphetamine, MDMA, and cocaine. Bath salts are taken by swallowing, smoking, snorting, or injecting and are easily purchased online, by drug dealers, and it is even sold in some convenience stores.

After continuous use the chemicals in the users brain changes how it functions and operates. The areas of the brain that have judgement, self control, emotional regulation, memory, and learning are all affected by this drug. When people continue to use bath salts, there is a tolerance that is built and when this happens the user needs more of the drug to get the same effect.

Why Do People Use Bath Salts?

There are many reasons behind why people turn to substance addiction. The root of the addiction can be different for each individual. People use substances because they seek euphoria and the emotional high that bath salts produce.

Peer Pressure/ Social: People do it because their friends do, or to fit in or feel more comfortable in a social setting.

Stress: People want to escape their problems and stresses of life.

Psychological triggers: There are many people who suffer from anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, and other mental health disorders that use bath salts as a way to self medicate.

Bath Salt Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Less studied than most stimulants, but bath salts affect the brain similarly. There are increased levels of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine- so these are the reward and pleasure centers within the brain, It makes the user excited and in a euphoric mood. Bath salt use may have unpredictable and dangerous symptoms because of the other substances are sometimes included in the ingredients.

When dopamine levels change in the brain the user can experience hallucinations,, elevated mood, mania, tremors, delusions, paranoia, physical excitement, and delusions that can be scary or uncomfortable. It typically produces a pretty stimulating and euphoric high.

There are also some very serious side effects from bath salts, this can happen the first time someone even takes the drug or when high doses are taken. A number of side effects are actually fatal, examples being seizures, brain swelling, cardiovascular issues, and respiratory distress. In a 2013 study, it was discovered the main substance used in bath salts can be even more addictive than meth, that ingredient is the MDPV.

Physical Effects of Bath Salt Abuse

Increased sex drive

Dilated pupils

Increased blood pressure and heart rate

Kidney pain

Increased temperature of chills

Reduced need for eating or sleep

Chest pain

Psychological Effects of Bath Salt Abuse



Confusions or delusions

Aggressive or agitated behavior

Lowered inhibition and increased sociability

Short-Term effects Of Bath Salts

Bath salts are made differently with each batch and also because there is a wide variety in exactly what is being called bath salts. The effects causes by some batches can be very different from others. Below are the most common short-term effects most people who are using bath salts are experiencing.

Intensified sensory experiences


Increased libido

Increased alertness and energy

Enhanced empathy

Enhanced ability to interact socially

Reduced hunger or appetite

Long-Term Effects of Bath Salts

There are many serious side effects that come with long term use of bath salts, and some can even result in serious injury or death. Not only are bath salts addictive, but they also make users have erratic behavior over time that contributes to mood disorders. Mood disorders can come from the bath salt addiction and can cause an individual to have severe depressive states. Long term use can cause individuals to attempt suicide or self-multilation, and experience delirium.

Potential long-term side effects of bath salts misuse include:

Bone pain

Liver failure

Severe depression

Kidney damage


Mood disorders




Side Effects From Injecting Drug Misuse

Injecting drugs is the most dangerous way to take a drug. In addition to the negative effects from bath salts themselves, people with bath salts use disorder face additional, and possibly lethal, toxic side effects including:


Vein blockage

Infection at the injection sites

Increased risk of HIV, hepatitis, and other blood-borne illnesses

Skin erosion


Blood clots

The only way to properly get through a bath salt addiction is with a quality treatment program. Recovery is a lifelong process, at The Best Treatment Center we are here for that process for each and every guest that comes through our doors.

Addiction and Abuse Treatment for Bath Salt Addiction

Recovery is a lifelong commitment and at The Best Treatment Center we provide each and every guest with the tools needed in order to be successful in their recovery journey.

Each customized treatment program has tailored therapy for each guest. After the physical dependence is broken, there are still many other issues guests must work through in order to get to the core of their addiction. We take pride in providing our guests with the tools they need in order to properly integrate back into society successfully and to continue in the lifelong journey that recovery is.

At The Best Treatment Center, we believe in treating the entirety of the individual- mind, body, and spirit. We focus on restoring hope in the lives of our guests. We have a comfortable, safe, and serene setting so guests only have to worry about their recovery from addiction. We want our guests to relax during their stay and have comfort knowing they are making the best decision for their life by choosing to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

If you or someone you know is struggling with bath salt abuse or addiction, the time to seek help is now. At The Best Treatment Center we can help. Call us now, Live Your Best Life.

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