Lantana Recovery Outpatient Rehab

Make a call to TBT if you’re in search of a Lantana recovery outpatient rehab- we can provide flexible treatment during the day so you can go home to your family at night. With three levels of care at The Best Treatment, you’ll find your path to wellness beyond the doors to our rehab. Recovery counselors will work closely with you to determine which progam is best for you:

Make a call that will change everything from here on out- call our admissions staff at 888-4TBTNOW.

8 Undeniable Benefits Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

1. Top rehab centers in South Florida offer inpatient and outpatient programs; at TBT, we go one step further and specialize only in outpatient rehab. Our staff are experts in helping patients get connected with support, treatment, therapies, and resources in the community.

2. We offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment that feels like home. If you’re still healing from the effects of addiction, our outpatient programs serve as step-down programs after completing rehab.

3. If your addiction is not severe and you’re able to maintain home life while getting treatment for an addiction, our drug and alcohol rehab can keep you on track to reaching your recovery goals with evidence-based treatment, outdoor activities, and therapies, all designed to make rehab more enjoyable.

4. Do you have a job you’re not willing to let go of? TBT’s Lantana recovery outpatient rehab can schedule your sessions around work, so you won’t miss a single day. Find out more about day treatment when you call our addiction recovery center.

5. If you get depressed thinking about a month-long stay in addiction recovery, you may have avoided treatment in the past. With outpatient rehab services, you won’t have to stay overnight in a treatment center; and, as a bonus, programs are scheduled around your busy life.

6. With outpatient addiction treatment, you’ll have the ability to apply your new-found skills immediately rather than having to wait until you check out of rehab. Our programs at The Best Treatment provide an easy way to transition into a sober lifestyle, even though you’ll come face to face with challenges and temptations- we’ll be here for you throughout.

7. Outpatient programs offer opportunities to become a better version of yourself while you recover from addiciton. Along with substance abuse treatment, you’ll have access to programs that will allow you to finish school, get in shape, practice yoga or meditation, help others caught in addiction, and become educated about your addiction.

8. Outpatient rehab is a more realistic choice; rather than setting your sights on an extended stay in treatment that may or may not come to pass, you can start recovery today by choosing a Lantana recovery outpatient rehab.

Make a phone call to The Best Treatment for more information about addiction treatment on your terms. Stay connected to our rehab by bookmarking our website and browsing through our free recovery resources.

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