Outpatient Treatment West Palm Beach

There are times when outpatient treatment in West Palm Beach is a better option than inpatient treatment for addiction recovery. If you’ve tried conventional treatment for addiction and found that it didn’t fit your lifestyle, The Best Treatment can tailor an outpatient program to better meet your needs. Understanding the limitations and benefits of outpatient treatment is crucial to selecting the right program; rest easy knowing that intake counselors are ready to assist you in choosing a good program when you call our rehab at 888-670-9424. Don’t wait- get in touch with us before it’s too late.

What Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

In contrast to inpatient rehab where the patient stays overnight in recovery from 30-90 days, outpatient rehab allows the patient to return home at night after therapy, counseling, or recovery sessions & meetings. For many patients, an outpatient rehab is the only choice they can make due to the circumstances surrounding their home life. If you’re in the middle of a school term, work a job, or have any type of at-home responsibilities, top rehab centers in South Florida can make outpatient rehab available to you. Contact TBT for more information about IOP and PHO drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

3 Reasons To Choose The Best Treatment For Outpatient Rehab

1. We only offer outpatient recovery services in our drug and alcohol rehab. No matter your situation, you’ll find that we can guide you to the perfect program based on work, school, and home life. Outpatient Programs provide the lowest level of care, or engagement in rehab, while IOP and PHP can offer you more support and structure.

2. TBT’s outpatient addiction recovery center takes a holistic approach to recovery from addiction. Instead of feeling like a number, you’ll feel more like a person when you engage in our recovery services. Holistic rehab addresses more than just your addiction but also seeks to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

3. If you’ve been living the cycle of addiction-rehab-addiction, you may require more than just conventional alcohol or substance abuse treatment. At The Best Treatment, we address mental health disorders that are often the cause of relapse among patients. A history of relapse may indicate the need for dual diagnostic treatment at TBT. Why not make a call to our rehab to find out more about dual diagnostic treatment? You’ll be glad you made the call to our facility for outpatient treatment in West Palm Beach.

Immediate Placement Available

Are you ready to leave addiction in your past and enjoy a brighter future? The first step is calling TBT for more information about outpatient programs and therapies. While you’re on the phone with a counselor, request an insurance benefits check to find out how much your health plan will pay for rehab services- you may discover that 100% of your recovery at TBT is paid for by your policy. We treat both alcohol and drug addiction in a relaxed and comfortable outpatient atmosphere that we believe is conducive to healing.

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