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Art therapy is a natural and effective therapy because it helps to regulate mood and emotions, which is essential when trying to numb intrusive thoughts. In 1942, Adrian Hill noticed the amount of peace and stability from drawing and painting. His experiences inspired him to write the book Art Versus Illness in 1945, explaining in detail the therapeutic benefits of throwing your mind into an artsy project.

Margaret Naumburg was dubbed the mother of creative art therapy because she was relentless in raising its awareness all around the United States. She believed that focusing on something that caused your brain to relax and find solutions did a lot to rewire your brain and remove it from the rut of stress and depression.

There are different types of art therapy, such as profound analytical art to focus on the minute details, psychotherapy art, where you analyze an artist’s work, and immersing yourself in the art to provide your body with the therapeutic benefits.

The benefit of art therapy for Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

There is no single definition for art therapy; the definitions will vary greatly because art is boundless. Scholars believe art therapy works because it makes neurological connections more robust, making it easy for your brain to process thoughts better. Art therapy for SUD exercises more parts of your brain that you use regularly and allows you to expand your thoughts in all areas of your life.

Art therapy is particularly beneficial for people with an intense co-occurring diagnosis like anxiety, sadness, anger, and more. It is used in substance abuse treatment because it offers almost the same benefits as regular counseling. Participants must focus on letting their guard down when doing art therapy and the freedom to let their minds wander into anything and everything expressively.

What will happen during art therapy with top rehab centers in South Florida?

Art therapy sessions exercise the brain to use feelings and thoughts to stay in the present moment and find connections to an issue with ease and flow. People who get into art therapy may have a hard time letting their guard down and listening to their instincts for creating art. As time goes by, you will find it easy to develop thought patterns that are more solution-oriented and not stuck in a rut of stressing about the past and problematic areas.

How art therapy treats drug and alcohol addiction for long-term sobriety

In 2014, researchers conducted studies in some of the most successful addiction recovery centers and found that using art therapy increased the chances of long-term sobriety by about 36%. Generally, people view art therapy as a leisurely activity, but using it with a professional’s guidance will help control your emotions and mood so that your mind is free to explore its depth.

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