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You may have already heard of psychotherapy or counseling to help with addiction. However, when looking for a rehab in West Palm Beach, it is also important to understand the role of family therapy. Just as the name suggests, family therapy delves into family dynamics that must be addressed when a member requires treatment for substance abuse, mental health, or both.

When at a drug and alcohol rehab, family therapy can involve partners, family members, spouses, and anyone that makes up your family unit. This psychotherapy approach works with couples and families during substance abuse treatment to foster development and change throughout the relationships.

Family Therapy At A Rehab In West Palm Beach

When undergoing family therapy at an addiction recovery center, the family gets viewed as a system and looks at change with interactions amongst family members. There is an emphasis on family bonds as a factor in the addicted individual’s psychological health as they are struggling with addiction and the recovery process.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment must focus on individuals to customize the right plan for support. However, the family still plays a vital role as an additional support system while the addict is moving through recovery and working on living a sober lifestyle. The therapist working with any family has to be a skilled conversationalist to work on encouraging the overall wisdom, support, and strengths of the broad family unit.

Family Therapy Techniques Used

Top rehab centers in South Florida use a range of counseling and different techniques to formulate a family therapy plan. These generally include:

  • Structural therapy – which looks at and re-orders the family system organization
  • Strategic therapy – takes a look at interaction patterns amongst family members
  • Milan/systemic therapy – dives into belief systems
  • Narrative therapy – emphasizes context as well as separating the person and problem
  • Transgenerational therapy – goes over unhelpful pattern transmission and behaviors from one generation to the next

Family Engagement Is Crucial For Therapy

Interventions with a family usually take place within the first phase of treatment. However, an investment in the process and setting goals will be revisited throughout therapy. There is also relational reframing that involves interventions that help move away from defining problems and generating solutions. It focuses more on understanding than is focused on relationships. This helps to lessen irrational descriptions as well as attributions for the behaviors of family members and focus instead on understanding the motivations for such behaviors when based on the relationships.

During family sessions at The Best Treatment Center, you will work on ways to rebuild trust and define family roles and tools to help you interact respectfully. We believe it is important for everyone to learn the needs of each family member throughout the recovery journey.

Do you have more questions about family therapy and how it works? Here at our rehab in West Palm Beach, we are happy to help you take the first step into gaining your life back. Get in touch with us about the intake process to get help with your addiction before it is too late. You can reach The Best Treatment Center by calling (888) 670-9424.

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