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Fentanyl addiction is a massive health crisis in the United States because the drug is legal and seemingly harmless compared to the infamous street drugs. However, painkillers have turned into natural hardcore street drugs, and people suffer severe consequences, including death due to overdosing.

What Is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid administered to patients after surgery to ease the pain. People who suffer from illnesses that cause chronic pain also take Fentanyl under the instructions of a medical professional.

Illegal administration of Fentanyl happens when one acquires the drug through a street vendor or can get them through a medical facility because they work there or are paying someone to supply them. It can be taken in many different forms, including eye drops, nasal sprays, powder, and drips, to name a few. The potency of it usually depends on the method of administration, and individuals will often end up overdosing after consuming it in substantial dosages for a short while.

How Dangerous Is A Fentanyl Addiction?

The CDC stated that the rate of death by fentanyl increased by 72% between 2014 and 2015. Most of us probably know of one or more horror stories of innocent people who lost their lives to opioids because they were on a relentless quest to ease pain and eventually lost control of themselves to the drugs.

The worst cases are users who have to be rushed to the emergency room because they were unsuspectingly taking heroin or some other drug laced with fentanyl. Medical professionals and drug and alcohol rehabs have battled the rising cases of Fentanyl addiction for years and believe that drug manufacturers are adding Fentanyl to make it even more potent. The backbone of Fentanyl is that it has a chemical structure that will lead to overdosing quickly, making it ten times more dangerous than plain heroin or cocaine.

Preventing Fatal Effects Of A Fentanyl Addiction

Users do not know they are on the edge of death until it is too late, and their bodies do not have a choice but to react fatally if they do not give Fentanyl. One overdose is enough to push you over to the edge, and you do not want to risk this because you do not know when things will get worse. Despite the evidence of its dangers, people still die because they lack information to help control the intake. Here is how to tell that you are at risk of extreme side effects and should seek professional help from addiction recovery centers immediately.

  • You are building a tolerance by quickly overdosing
  • You get nausea, cravings, pain, and troublesome sleeping when you stop taking the drug
  • There is a lot of risky behavior involved with taking Fentanyl
  • It is tough to stay focused until you get your dose

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