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What are Meth Eyes?

Written By - April 17th, 2024

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is a powerful and illegal stimulant drug that is sold…


What is Speed?

Written By - April 15th, 2024

Speed is a term that describes drugs that increase central nervous system (CNS) activity. People…


How Long Does PCP Stay in Your System?

Written By - April 12th, 2024

Phencyclidine, also known as PCP, is a hallucinogenic drug that became popular in the 1960s…


What Does Meth Look, Taste, and Smell Like?

Written By - March 31st, 2024

Meth is a highly addictive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that many people abuse for…


How Long Does an Acid Trip Last?

Written By - March 8th, 2024

Hallucinogens are a class of drugs that cause people to experience auditory and visual hallucinations.…


How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System?

Written By - February 19th, 2024

Methamphetamine is a dangerous illicit drug. Meth use can harm people’s physical and mental health.…


How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System?

Written By - February 14th, 2024

Adderall is a prescription stimulant medication. Doctors may prescribe Adderall to people with an attention…


The Dangers of Mixing Lithium and Alcohol

Written By - February 2nd, 2024

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes significant mood changes. People with this…

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How Long Does it Take to Rewire Your Brain From Addiction?

Written By - January 18th, 2024

The human brain is an incredible system that can adapt and develop throughout a person’s…

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What are the Dangers of Snorting Cocaine?

Written By - January 12th, 2024

Cocaine is a potent and addictive stimulant drug that many people snort to experience a…