Sobriety Calculator

Sobriety Calculator

Living A New Life in Sobriety

Living in active addiction so long can be devastating to live through, not only for the user but also for friends, loved ones, and family. Addiction hurts all areas of the individual’s self and social life. Relationships destroyed, job problems, abuse, finances, never mind all the physical damage to the individual’s health. So, you can only imagine how exciting it is and what a victory has been accomplished by taking the plunge into sobriety. Seeking help is a difficult decision to make and that is why sobriety calculators were created, to remind individuals what a celebration being clean and sober is!

If you’re currently in recovery for substance misuse, and you’ve been sober for years, months, days or even minutes, congratulations from The Best Treatment Center! We know how this journey is never ending and by using this sobriety calculator we want to help and encourage you to stay on track for the long-run.

Tracking Sobriety Length

Click the box above, and type in the date your sobriety began, then click the “Find Sobriety Date” button to find out just how many years, months, weeks, and days you’ve been sober.

The Importance of Tracking Your Sobriety

Time is a huge factor in life, it is important. Anniversaries are a celebration in any situation- marriage, friendships, schooling…etc. They’re celebrated to acknowledge the memory of these achievements, and especially if the accomplishment is sobriety, every second should be acknowledged. With the above sobriety calculator you can find out just how many years, months, weeks, and days you’ve been living life drug and alcohol free.

Each step on the life-long journey of recovery should definitely be recognized- each day at a time is a step closer to the overall goal of continued sobriety. Not only is this sobriety calculator a symbol of a reward but also as a reminder of the past, so that it’s never repeated. Most of the time, an individual remembers their rock bottom that drove them into a life of recovery, this is a great reminder on why we work so hard each day to not fall back into that destructive lifestyle.

Celebrating Sobriety

A great way to keep track with your sobriety is the sobriety calculator but there are many other ways to celebrate sobriety too. Many people celebrate their sobriety every year or even every six months (sometimes more often, especially in early recovery).

The following are just a few of the many ways we see people celebrating their time living a happy life free from drugs and alcohol:

Dinner with friends and family- who doesn’t need an excuse for a fancy dinner?

Spending Time Admiring Nature: going on a hike or walk in the park, picnics are also special.

Go on a traveling adventure

Volunteer somewhere/help someone else in need

Plant a tree

Attending a 12-Step Meeting: celebration with others on the same journey.

Participation in other substance free organizations: ex- recovery walks…etc.

Of course, there are countless other ways to observe the length of your sobriety. How and how often you celebrate is entirely up to you.

If you are ready to make that decision and start your sobriety calculator, The Best Treatment Center can help, call us now:

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