5 Benefits of Attending an IOP Near Lake Worth Beach

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that requires ongoing treatment to maintain recovery. While substance abuse recovery is dependent on receiving professional treatment, many people avoid getting the help they need.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), while 10% of the population struggles with addiction, 75% of them never receive treatment.[1]

One of the biggest barriers to recovery is not wanting to live in a treatment facility full-time. Many people must remain at home to care for children or continue working part-time to cover bills. Thankfully, there are addiction treatment programs that offer flexibility in scheduling that allows for these situations.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) near Lake Worth Beach can provide many benefits, such as flexibility in scheduling, the ability to receive treatment as a caregiver, options for safe housing, proximity to the healing nature of the beach, and access to a booming recovery community.

What are the 5 Benefits of Choosing an IOP Near Lake Worth Beach?

Depending on your needs, intensive outpatient programs near Lake Worth Beach can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Typically, you will commute to the facility 3 to 5 days per week to receive counseling, therapy, and other types of clinically proven addiction treatments.

Five benefits of attending an IOP near Lake Worth Beach include:

1. An Active Recovery Community

When you are participating in an IOP, it’s important to become active in your local recovery community. These communities can offer you the support and socialization you need to remain motivated in your sobriety. Thankfully, choosing IOP near Lake Worth Beach will provide you with tons of options when it comes to the type of support group you’d like to become a part of.

Because recovery is so common in Lake Worth Beach and surrounding areas, you can find a support group like 12-step meetings at any time of the day and any day of the week. In other words, you’ll never have to struggle alone when you need a little extra support.

2. Proximity to the Beach

Studies have found that people who live by the coast have better physical and mental health than those who don’t.[2] When you choose an IOP in Lake Worth Beach, you will be living and attending treatment close to the beach. You will be able to reap all of the benefits of living by the coast, such as relief from stress, improved depression, and more while receiving high quality treatment.

3. Options for Safe and Supportive Housing

Intensive outpatient programs require you to provide your own housing. This means you can either live in your own home, at a family member’s house, or in a sober living program. If you do not have access to safe and supportive housing, it’s best to opt for sober living.

While finding sober living programs can be difficult in some areas of the country, you will have no problem finding one close to your IOP in Lake Worth Beach. Because of how large the recovery community is, there are tons of options for sober living housing. As a result, you will be able to receive the stable environment you need to recover from addiction and avoid relapse.

4. Flexibility in Scheduling

Not everyone is able to set aside the time required to attend a residential or partial hospitalization program. However, intensive outpatient programs allow you to live at home and commute to treatment sessions a few times per week. As a result, your schedule will be highly flexible, ensuring that you have time to take care of personal responsibilities outside of your treatment program.

Additionally, many IOPs in Lake Worth Beach work around your schedule when planning your treatment, making it that much easier to continue working part-time, attending school, or caring for your family.

5. Ability to Receive Treatment as a Parent or Caregiver

The last noteworthy benefit of IOP near Lake Worth Beach is the ability to receive treatment as a parent or caregiver. If inpatient was the only option available you would have to find a long-term solution for care if you have children or a family member you take care of full-time. This could be incredibly expensive if not totally out of reach, preventing you from receiving the help you need.

Thankfully, IOPs understand that parents and caregivers need addiction treatment too. By providing individualized treatment planning and flexible schedules for treatment, these programs allow you to continue caring for your responsibilities while you receive substance abuse support.

Get Connected to a Top-Rated IOP in Lake Worth Beach

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and would benefit from a flexible treatment schedule, an intensive outpatient program might be right for you. Finding an IOP in Lake Worth Beach can be challenging, as there are so many options to choose from. Thankfully, The Best Treatment Center is here to help.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program at The Best Treatment Center focuses on moving the external structure provided in PHP to an internal structure guests follow on their own. When guests step down to our Intensive Outpatient Program, we provide all of the same therapeutic services, just for a little less time each day. IOP is the second level of care that is offered by The Best Treatment Center.

To learn more about our IOP near Lake Worth Beach, contact us today.


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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Dr Ashley Murray obtained her MBBCh Cum Laude in 2016. She currently practices in the public domain in South Africa. She has an interest in medical writing and has a keen interest in evidence-based medicine.

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.