The NOMA: Discovery Room

The NOMA: Discovery Room

NOMA stands for Not One More Alabama, it is a program to support families who have had their lives greatly impacted by the disease of addiction. Not One More Alabama mobilized to support, educate and inspire those impacted by the disease of addiction.

“The Discovery Room was created to assist parents in the battle against drug use by their children. In a partnership with Leadership Huntsville Small Group, this trailer is designed to simulate a typical teenager’s bedroom. Parents will be invited into the trailer to “discover” some of the telltale signs of a child using and hiding drugs of all kinds. It demonstrates the need for parents to remain vigilant and aware of the everyday activities of their child.”

It a great concept to be able to offer parents or any adults who are curious about if their children could be using drugs. This educational tool is a mobile trailer than can easily be taken from location to location. They will come to any event that is mainly 21+ because this is for the adults.

This is for the parents who are unsure of their child’s activities on a daily basis. There is a good amount of education that comes with the tour of the room, allowing parents to see “hiding spots” that are not the easiest guess, they talk about the trends in drugs in their local communities so parents know what the signs of addiction are.

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America’s Battle on DrugsWhen it comes to dealing with the drug epidemic we have in the United States, any kind of education is going to be beneficial. This Alabamian organization is not the first non-profit that is putting their resources into educating on the disease of addiction, but their concept is advanced. Instead of just watching a documentary, reading blogs, or viewing infographics, this allows a hands on concept that will be more impactful than most other visuals.

It is a general assumption most parents would want to still have control over their teens when it comes to the friends they hang out with and the activities their children are participating in. This Discovery Room is the perfect conversation starter for parents to open the communication floor when it comes to drug abuse, drinking, and addiction.

At The Best Treatment Center, we encourage all loved ones of clients to really learn about the disease of addiction. We encourage the family’s participation in the recovery process on all levels. Our therapists work with family members and clients to mend the relationships that could be damaged and heal from the pain that addiction has caused within the loved one for however long the drug or alcohol abuse has been happening.

For more education on the disease of addiction, or if you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse, help is a phone call away. We have addiction specialists standing by so call us today. We also offer free insurance verification. There is hope for those struggling and hope for loved ones.

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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.